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Professional registration

Registration Roll

Becoming a professionally registered librarian is no small feat - it takes a lot of hard work, passion and dedication. 

We'd like to congratulate the people on our Registration Roll!

Total Current RLIANZA Members: 551

Registration in detail

If you’re interested in registering then there are three routes open to you.

Route A requires you to have a recognised NZ library and information qualification. These are the MIS with the LIBS specialisation from Victoria, and the BA or BSc with the ILS focus at open polytechnic.

Help! I need a Mentor!

Well hello there! So, you're ready to apply for Professional Registration. Let's find you a mentor! 

We have a whole group of talented professionals who will guide you through the process of gaining your Registration.

Elaine Sides and Brenda Chawner - Why Professional Registration is the Future!

Elaine Sides and Brenda Chawner conduct their workshop in the 2014 LIANZA conference on the professional registration scheme

On Reflection - Professional Registration

A blog post from 29 August 2011 on revalidation by Profession Registration Board member Brenda Chawner:

When I first learned about the profession registration revalidation process several years ago, one of the things that impressed me most was the requirement for registrants to reflect on their professional development activities. I believe that being able to reflect on professional practice, and change what they do in response to new knowledge, is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to be considered to be a professional (in any field).

LIANZA Careers Survey Report 2013

The LIANZA Careers Survey is a rich source of information about our career choices, from qualifications to professional registration to continuing professional development.

In 2012 LIANZA hosted a national series of workshops on Careers in Libraries presented by Lynley Stone of The Information Workshop. To gain a solid understanding how library careers evolve in our rapidly changing world, an online survey was conducted on behalf of LIANZA, with the preliminary results from the survey being used in the workshops.

Professional Registration Research Project

An investigation in the reasons for interest into applying for professional registration.

Discussion Document: Professional Future For The New Zealand Library And Information Profession

The National Council of the Library & Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) established the Taskforce on Professional Registration in December 2004. Its brief was to investigate the registration of New Zealand librarians and other information professionals and the associated accreditation of their training and professional practice; and make recommendations suitable for the New Zealand environment. The key recommendations proposed are:

  1. The establishment of a registration scheme for librarians and other information professionals.

Register for an Online Course

Registering for one of LIANZA's online courses is quick and easy:

Mirla Edmundson - Professional Registration: What It Means For Auckland Libraries

In August 2011 Auckland Libraries put a stake in the ground when it began requiring staff in senior roles to hold LIANZA professional registration. Why did we do this and how has it worked in practice? What are the next steps in shaping the workforce for Auckland Libraries? Following the creation of Auckland Libraries, we embarked upon a comprehensive job evaluation process to address any inequities in job sizing during the transition from the eight former employers.


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