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Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa


Industry Membership

By becoming an Institutional member of LIANZA you'll be giving back to the library and information profession in Aotearoa New Zealand. Your membership will give you such perks as discounted rates to Conference and events, and the ability to be represented on issues impacting your organisation. Not enough? Well, read on!

Some of the many benefits of joining LIANZA for your organisation include:

Personal Membership

Becoming a member of LIANZA demonstrates your commitment to the library and information profession. Membership is an excellent addition to your resume and an indication you are serious enough about your career to make an investment of money and time in it.

We invite you to belong to an organisation of professionals dedicated to the same passion. You belong here. 


    So the time has come for revalidation?
    Time flies when you're having fun! Hopefully you’ve been keeping track of your journal as you go, but if not now's the time to sit down with a pot of coffee and try to remember what you’ve done over the last three years!

    Library Life

    Library Life: Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa is our bi-monthly magazine for the library and information sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.

    LIANZA: The Voice of the Library Profession in Aotearoa New Zealand


    The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa is a vibrant non-profit and membership based organisation that advocates on behalf of library and information professionals within the sector.

    LIANZA Professional Recognition Awards and Scholarships

    You, our members are the foundation of LIANZA and it's important to celebrate your many successes.
    One way we can celebrate these achievements is by offering awards and scholarships.


    We've put together a handbook that outlines each award and includes tips and tricks for your applications. 


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