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Tips For The Revalidation Process

Article by Allison Dobbie for Library Life, February 2009.

Example Of Completed School Library Revalidation Journal

This is an example of a completed school library revalidation journal which can be used as a guide.

Revalidation Journal Example #2

Another revalidation journal example.

Revalidation Journal Example #3

This example Revalidation Journal is presented in the old Journal template, however is a great resource to help you with your reflections.


Literally translated, Ikaroa means the long part of the fish. This is thought to be most appropriate for our region as it sprawls from Taranaki to Hawkes Bay, and we are situated between the head (Te Upoko o te Ika - Wellington) and the tail (Hikuwai). Ikaroa is also the traditional name for the Maori Land Court that served most of this region.

In 1999 members of LIANZA's Central Region voted overwhelmingly to change the name of the region from "Central" to "Ikaroa".

Domains of Practice

In addition to covering the BoK clusters, your revalidation journal should be applied across the four domains of practice (at a minimum your journal should touch on three).

This sounds complicated but it isn’t – it just means that you need to vary the type of training or learning you choose to do when revalidating.  Don’t just read articles or attend courses, but try to include networking and leadership activities, and look at where you are learning on the job.

Education providers

These education providers offer New Zealand focussed library and information studies, and record management programmes ranging from Diplomas to Masters level qualifications. 


Open Polytechnic logo`

Personal Development

Alongside our Professional Development courses, LIANZA will sometimes run personal development courses and training.

Personal development is an important part of your learning and knowledge and maintaining this will benefit you both professionally and personally.

Some areas of personal development you might like to explore include:

How to manage projects

It is a great learning resource for management of projects. This is a one hour video which helps you to manage your projects efficiently and effectively.

Start blogging online

Mike wallagher created a website to provide step-by-step tutorial to start a blog. If you are a new starter with blogging then it is a great learning source. Excellent customer service.


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