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Crown Research Institute Libraries

Library Life Article: 02 Nov 12

Feature article by:

Beryl Anderson (ESR)
Margot Bowden (Landcare)
Rosie Cahalane (Plant & Food)
Charlotte Clements (NIWA)
Maggie Dyer (GNS)
Ritva Matero (AgResearch)
Alison Speakman (IRL)
Dina Wickers (SCION)

A Small Special Library With A Big Heart

Library Life Article: 02 Nov 12

Feature article by: Margaret Lindsay and Marisa King

Tucked away behind the Wesley Methodist Church in central Wellington is what must be one of New Zealand’s smallest special libraries. But there’s nothing small about its importance to its users!

Bill Laxon Maritime Library Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum

Library Life Article: 02 Nov 12

Feature article by: Marleene Boyd
Bill Laxon Maritime Library

Research inquiries to the Library arrive from all over the world; they are predominantly from members of the public searching for immigrant passenger lists to New Zealand, information about the ships their family travelled in or requests for photographs of ships, shipping company history and crew information.

Over the last few years an increasing number of authors and film producers have used the Library collections for their work.

Parliamentary Library

Library Life Ariticle: 02 Nov 12

Feature article by: Parliamentary Library

The New Zealand Parliament makes laws, holds the government to account and represents the people - and the Parliamentary Library exists to support these functions.  We do this by providing MPs and parliamentary staff with information services which are relevant, accurate, impartial, timely and confidential.

Library For Accountants = Boring? No Way!

Library Life Article: 02 Nov 12

Feature article by: Marisa King

“So what do you do?”

“I work in the library at the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.”

“Oh, really? That sounds …. interesting.” [Said in a way that you know means “boring”.]

Well, in case you should be tempted to think the same way, please indulge me for the next 500 to 1000 words, as I explain why working in a library for chartered accountants is much more interesting than you might think. 

NZ Special Librarians' Survey 2012

The results to the 2012 NZ special librarians' survey, carried out by SLIS-North.

Emerging trends in New Zealand special libraries

This report discusses research carried out for the inaugural Paul Szentirmay Special Librarianship Scholarship. The research was designed to describe New Zealand special libraries and to find out what emerging trends can be identified. The research was initiated because various libraries, especially in the corporate sector, were closing down. A study was made of those special libraries which have closed down recently, to find out the possible causes.

Thriving Under Fire

LIANZA has partnered with Thriving Under Fire (TUF) to deliver this online course providing solutions to workplace communication challenges such as handling complaints and resolving conflict.

Course content

TUF has been very successfully training people to deal with difficult customers for the last 15 years, with John Faisandier as the principal facilitator. In 2013 TUF Online was created to reach a wider audience.

The Thriving Under Fire online programme provides solutions to workplace communication challenges. It will help you to:

LIANZA Online Courses

Finding the time for professional development can be a real challenge. To make life easier, we've developed a  a series of online learning courses that are self-paced and available at any time of the day. That's right - all day long!


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