LIANZA 2019 Conference sponsors, exhibitors and potential delegates have the opportunity to vote for one of the LIANZA 2019 Conference talanoa topics.

Talanoa (in Tongan/Samoan/Fijian) means an open, shared dialogue between two or many.
‘Tala’ in talanoa means talk, to talk, to dialogue, to tell a story.

Talanoa can be formal or informal in which people share their stories, thoughts and feelings on a topic of interest (Vaioleti, 2006). There are different types of talanoa ranging from talanoa vave |fast and brief talanoa; to fakatalanoa when people meet for the first time; to pō talanoa |deeper exchange and sharing of ideas (Fa’avae, 2016).

Talanoa is guided by protocols and principles which includes faka‘apa‘apa (Tongan) fa’aaloalo (Samoan)| respect; ‘ofa (Tongan), alofa (Samoan)| ove, compassion to generate ethical and meaningful engagement between people. The sharing of stories in the talanoa encourages inclusiveness, participation, and open interactions. For Tongan, Samoan, Fijian including other Pacific cultures, talanoa is a precursor to establishing effective and ongoing reciprocal relationships which our conference sessions hope to create.

Our conference talanoa on Tuesday October 22 will include;
Talanoa – Social media and it’s influence on youth
Talanoa – Strengthening connections in the Pacific
Talanoa – Libraries, digital innovation & inclusion

The fourth talanoa topic will be crowd-sourced from our sponsors, exhibitors and delegates ahead of the conference.

What topic would you like discussed at the fourth talanoa? Start thinking what you want to share, discuss, participate and engage with !

Submit your suggestions of possible talanoa topics at this Survey Monkey Link.
Once we have collected all the suggestions you will have the opportunity to vote for your preference.