Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa


The Aoraki LIANZA Committee* believes in supporting its regional members in their professional development through sponsorships and awards to attend events and activities.

Sponsorship Criteria
All applicants must hold current Aoraki membership of LIANZA or Te Rōpu Whakahau.
In addition, consideration will be given based on the following criteria:

  1. Length of membership in these associations.
  2. Level of involvement/contribution to the above associations.
  3. Professional benefit to be gained from attendance:
    • For yourself (individual professional development)
    • For the parent institution (where appropriate)
  4. Evidence of enthusiasm, commitment and passion to library information management and information technologies.
  5. Difficulty of attendance without sponsorship.
  6. Knowledge/skills gained through attendance are not readily gained in some other, more appropriate, training environment.
  7. The level of support for the initiative from any other source.
  8. The level of previous sponsorship provided to the applicant by LIANZA.
  9. Support from the applicants organisation/manager, if employed.

Instructions for Applicants
The applications must be made using the attached form.

The successful applicants will be required to report back on their experience in some form, agreed upon with the Aoraki Committee within a set timeframe.

APPLY NOW! Applications will be accepted at any time and can be emailed to the LIANZA Aoraki Secretary or
LIANZA Aoraki Chair Sarah Fraser.

Conference Sponsorship

  • The Aoraki region will offer conference sponsorship to financial members of LIANZA or Te Rōpu Whakahau (subject to budget restrictions).
  • This sponsorship will cover full conference registration for a personal or student member of either organisation, with consideration given to travel and accommodation costs.
  • Applications will close at least six weeks prior to the first day of conference to allow recipient to make appropriate travel and accommodation arrangements (not normally included in the sponsorship).
  • Applications need to be made following general criteria as set out above.

Closing date for the Applications for the Aoraki LIANZA Conference Sponsorship is Friday 4 August, 2017.


*Aoraki LIANZA Committee:

Sarah Fraser – Chair

Kelsey Johnston – Regional Councillor

Christine Grant – Treasurer

Caroline Anderson – Secretary

Jan Kotlowski

Katherine Moody


In the event of any conflict of interest, committee members will excuse themselves from the relevant discussions and decisions in regards to the sponsorship applications. If the conflict of interest is perceived too great, decisions will be deferred to LIANZA Council or another regional group. Please see LIANZA’s Conflict of Interest statement for further information.

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