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More of us are now using Zoom for home and work. There is now the growing occurrence of nuisance activity on video teleconferencing platforms, often referred to as “zoombombing”. For LIANZA meetings shared on social media like #stopforacuppa we are using ‘waiting rooms’ to control participants and will ensure that no-one other than the LIANZA host can share their screen. The meeting host can also quickly ‘remove’ an unwanted participant. To help us identify you and to decide if you can be admitted from the waiting room into the meeting – please add your name AND library on your sign-in, that will help identify that you are a genuine library person.
For LIANZA webinars we are now requiring people to RSVP through our event platform, and to receive a Zoom link. We are asking that you do not share these links on your social media and to ask your colleagues who wish to attend, to RSVP directly. If you have any other Zoom tips – please share HERE.

Here are some useful links to avoid Zoom bombing;


EPIC - Findmypast (through JCS Online Resources) & Ancestry Library Edition (through ProQuest). These vendors have agreed to provide your users with temporary remote access to these products while this crisis continues, below is what you need to do:


  • Email Alex Reid from to register your interest. As they are not currently set up to provide remote access to libraries, they may only be able to offer username & password access in the first instance but are keen to work with libraries to come up with a good solution.

Ancestry Library Edition

  • Ancestry will provide remote access for Public Library subscribers initially through to April 30, 2020 and reassess on a monthly basis.
  • Secure, patron authentication on the library’s website must already exist in order to obtain remote access.  Examples of secure authentication methods include dedicated IP addresses (must be static), barcode, referring URL and EZProxy.  They will not support - Username/password authentication or embedded URLs.
  • To submit a remote access request, email ProQuest Technical support at including your remote access requirements - i.e. your barcode pattern, your proxy IP address or referring URL link. They have also requested that you allow up to 72 hours for processing and implementation.

Reminder to ensure that your remote access to other EPIC resources are all active

In addition to the above, this is a good opportunity to remind you that (aside from the 2 products above) all other EPIC resources have always been able to be set up for remote access. So, please do check your remote access options and make sure that they are working for your users. If you have any issues with remote access to particular products, please do contact the applicable EPIC vendor for advice. All EPIC vendor contact information can be found via the EPIC Vendors page of the EPIC website. A lot of them are also working from home!