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Domains of Practice

In addition to covering the BoK clusters, your revalidation journal should be applied across the four domains of practice (at a minimum your journal should touch on three).

This sounds complicated but it isn’t – it just means that you need to vary the type of training or learning you choose to do when revalidating.  Don’t just read articles or attend courses, but try to include networking and leadership activities, and look at where you are learning on the job.


(Professional Knowledge)


(Professional Practice)

Extending professional knowledge
and skills

Examples: Attending courses, meetings,
presentations, study, on the job training, reading

Applying professional skills

Examples: Developing and delivering services,
evaluating and improving current practice,
implementing new initiatives and procedures




(Professional Leadership)

Sharing knowledge and expertise and
developing professional relationships

Examples: Networking and liaising, contributing
to online discussions, giving presentations,
publishing, marketing


Displaying leadership and initiative
(this will vary according to your position)

Examples: planning or organizing a meeting,
seminar or project, recommending improvements,
leading or supporting colleagues, mentoring and encouraging others, advocating for change


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