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BoK BoK Boking in the Garden of Revalidation

So the time has come for revalidation?
Time flies when you're having fun! Hopefully you’ve been keeping track of your journal as you go, but if not now's the time to sit down with a pot of coffee and try to remember what you’ve done over the last three years!

Make sure you send in all of the relevant info:

Once you have everything you can email your revalidation to

What you need to include in your revalidation journal:

Your journal must show your professional development activities over a three year period.

The minimum requirements are:

What the Registration Board are looking for:

  • quality (not quantity or length) - keep it to thirty words or less - just a couple of sentences per activity to quantify your learning
  • relevance of the activities to your role
  • well-balanced knowledge across the BoKs and domains
  • evidence of depth of learning gained, and thoughtful reflections on activities and the learning process.

Please be succinct

Our PR Board members are volunteers and review your journal in their spare time.  At peak review times PR Board members can receive up to 10 journals each per month. By meeting the requirements you make their job a lot easier.

Revalidation Timeframe

We try to return journals as quickly as possible, but it can take up to twelve weeks for the review process to complete.  We'll let you know how long it should be when we confirm receipt of your journal at the LIANZA office.

Need help Revalidating? You could try: 

  • Support groups - Take charge of your revalidation by setting up a group in your workplace and help each other out (that'll be another entry to put in your journal too!)
  • Case Studies - Talk to your colleagues about how they worked through their revalidation, what worked and what didn't. They might have some hints, tips and maybe even tricks to share!
  • Get in touch with the PR Board/LIANZA Office for support

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