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I need to develop a Portfolio of Learning

Hey! Congrats! Your application for professional registration has been approved, and now you can start working on all of those exciting activities you identified in your Professional Training Plan (PTP) with the assistance of your mentor, of course!  

Remember: you're going to have to record all of your learning and development outcomes in your Portfolio of Learning (PTL), as well as any other professional development activities completed during this period. Get ready for some serious hand cramps!

It's good practice to include at least one activity in each of the Bodies of Knowledge, as well as the activities you identified in your PTP as well as any other activity you might complete. 

Here's a helpful hint: reflect on what you learned from the activity; don't just detail what you did.

You can present your PTL in any form, but some people find it helpful to work with the revalidation journal template.

Submitting your Portfolio of Learning

Once your PTL is complete it's time to celebrate! AND, you've got to meet with your mentor to sign it off, and maybe thank them too for all of their hard work! 

Your mentor will write a letter of assessment adressed to the Registration Board to include with your submission.

You need to prepare a a statement of self-reflection on the last 12 months and a plan outlining how you will continue to develop your skills over the next three years.

Once you have these three documents completed -  you can submit them to the LIANZA office. Once the Professional Registration Board approves your application, you'll be sent a RLIANZA certificate. No really, NOW it's time to celebrate. 


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