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Face to face training

CPD has always been one of our best offerings,  however, we have had two constant criticisms – firstly that our CPD programme is often only delivered in main centres, and secondly that (due to the way we have operated the programme) it isn’t easy for organisations to build our training into their annual training plans.

Well we have spent the past twelve months working to change that.  We’re taking a modular approach to CPD – we’ve developed a series of courses that can be brought to your region, organisation, or library on demand.  You’ll pay a daily rate for the facilitator ($1500) regardless of the number of courses selected and the number of people attending.  Each course is made up of modules that can be selected on a pick and mix basis – and at entry and intermediate level so you can have a quick topic overview or delve into the nitty gritty detail.  We’ll tailor the course to suit your demands.   You can also schedule the courses at the times most convenient for you.

With the help of experts from around the sector we have developed the following courses:

  • Change Management
    • What is Change Management?
    • The pscyhology of change
      • The change curve
      • Managing your own reaction to chang
    • Being a change agent
    • Managing Resistance
    • Communicating change
      • Maintaining engagement
      • Implementing change
  • Strategic Planning
    • What is strategic planning?
    • The components of a strategic plan
    • Tools to assist your thinking
    • How to identify and consult with stakeholders
    • Communicating your plan
  • The Reference Interview (based on a course by Lucy Broadbent and Christine Chambers)​​
    • Determine the nature of the reference service and reference queries
    • Consider the Reference Interview process
    • Look at modes of contact
    • Identify the knowledge and skill-set needed
    • Discuss keeping up-to-date
  • Customer Service
    • What is good customer service
    • Customer expectations
    • How to build rapport
      • The impact of body language
      • Empathy and tone of voice
    • How to say no to a customer
    • De-escalating a difficult customer
    • Handling criticism and negative feedback
  • Marketing your library
    •  What is marketing? (with reference to branding and advocacy)
    • The 7 p's of marketing (product, place, price, people, process, promotion, physical environment)
    •  Market segmentation and tools for learning to understand your customer  (i.e. empathy mapping / customer engagement) 
    • Marketing and social media  
    • Taking promotion a step further (covering ideas, free and paid channels, how to choose) 
    • Your space, customer service, and their importance as part of marketing 
    • Wrapping it all up into planning an effective marketing campaign   

With more to come including Building a Business Case, Financial Management, Operating in Local Government, and Children’s Librarianship we hope to have an offering for everyone.  We are also happy to develop additional courses / modules on request.

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