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Development Contributions and Libraries

Development contributions are fees paid by property developers to help local councils cover the costs of the infrastructure needed to support the additional population. 

After questions were raised about the affordability of new housing, the government proposed to change the types of infrastructure for which development contributions could be used, thus benefitting the developers and not the communities they impact with their construction.

Development contributions have been a significant source of funds for new library builds, but under the new legislation libraries aren't considered to be part a community's infrastructure. 

LIANZA made a written and verbal submission to the Select Committee considering the Bill where Joanna Matthew (Executive Director) and Christine Busby (LIANZA Councillor) argued that libraries are an important community resource and should therefore be considered a valuable part of a city's infrastructure.

Despite their efforts, they weren't successful in changing the definition which means stand alone libraries will not be funded while community centres housing libraries will.

If you believe that this change is having an impact on your community, please let us know as we need to keep track of the effects of this legislative change.

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