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Copyright Resources

The Copyright Committee (both current and past) has worked hard to pull together a collection of great resources on copyright issues.  Some are guidelines, some are training tools and some articulate our advocacy positions and those of others working in the area.  We have also tried to collect together useful links for you.  Do get in touch if there is anything you would like to see here that you feel is missing!
Please note that some of these documents simplify copyright legislation in order to provide an overview - these documents should not be taken as legal advice about copyright.
The Copyright Act 1994 - Advice, guidelines, and policy
Copyright Act 1994 - a link to the act
Implications for Interloan of the Copyright Act 1994 and Amendments
The Copyright Act 1994 and Amendments: Guidelines for Librarians
Sample Library Copyright Policy  
Copyright for Public Librarians
Copyright Guidelines for Academic Staff and Students
Copyright Guidelines for Research Students
Training Resources
Questions and Answers on Copyright for Librarians
LIANZA Online Courses: Copyright: Guidelines for Librarians
Copyright and the Digital Economy
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
Possible Effects on New Zealand Libraries of the TPP IP Negotiations
Libraries and the Trans-Pacific Partnership IP Negotiations
The Trans-Pacific Partnership - a Librarian's Perspective
Fair Deal Coalition
Librarians Oppose Ban on Parallel Importing
Extension of Copyright Duration will Impact Libraries
No Increase Needed in the Protection Given to TPMs
 Our Submissions & Advocacy
LIANZA Copyright Bill Submission Feb 2007
LIANZA Copyright Bill Oral Submission March 2007
Fair Deal Coalition
LIANZA Statement on Copyright Act Review 2018 
Copyright Licensing New Zealand
Digital NZ
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Copyright Licensing Resources
Photocopier Poster


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