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Valuing our Libraries

In 2014, LIANZA was asked by LIAC to prepare a report on the future of libraries in New Zealand. We did it! With the support of Tregaskis Brown we consulted with the sector to draft this informative document as a starting point for discussion. 

The best part about this project was this: the research shows us just how important libraries are to society. This comes as no surprise to us, but it's still great to hear!

Special Libraries Survey 2016 

The value of special libraries has been clearly articulated, with special library information specialists saving considerable time in completing
research queries, and producing higher quality research with greater success than their colleagues (LIANZA 2014). 
In addition special library staff are able to negotiate significantly reduced pricing
for access to key resources than if information were purchased on an as needed basis – returning as much as $5.43 for every dollar invested. However, the value of special libraries is not always understood by the organisations within which they sit.
In 2009 Gillian Ralph and Julie Sibthorpe analysed the emerging trends of special libraries in New Zealand, in response to a number
of closures. This survey acts as a follow-up to this work, to understand what has changed for special libraries in the intervening 7 years.
Read the survey results here




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