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Library Life Editor's Role

Library Life is an online magazine made available to LIANZA members every month via the Press Reader website and app.  Library Life contains news and events from LIANZA and the wider library and information profession as well as editorial and feature articles covering issues of importance to the profession.

The role of Library Life Editor is a volunteer position for a two year term.

The Library Life Editor is responsible for sourcing, gathering and collating items of interest to be included in the monthly publication.

The Library Life Editor will work closely with the LIANZA Communications Manager to compile news, features and off-site resources. The Library Life editor will either write stories themselves or will obtain edited written copy and images to be forwarded to the LIANZA office for publishing.

The Library Life Editor is responsible for:

  • Writing monthly editorials on topical issues
  • Sourcing, collating and gathering a range of information of interest to the library community with the help of the Library Life Editorial Board
  • Maintaining relationships with current contributors to the newsletter and encouraging members to provide features and opinions
  • Editing  feature articles  and/or collecting opinion pieces written by others in the library and information profession
  • Collating links to relevant online articles, blogs and items of interest


Ready-to-publish material should be provided to the LIANZA Communications team each month so the publication can be laid out appropriately.

The LIANZA Communications Team is responsible for:

  • Compiling and editing internal LIANZA news including presidential/council announcements/staff columns/news and photos from LIANZA regions & SIGS
  • Creating the layout and generating the final PDF
  • Managing the publication process via Press Reader

Our current Library Life Editor is Chantel Theunissen. You can reach her at 

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