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Guide to writing for Library Life

Library Life Guidelines:

  • Feature articles should be between 400 and 1500 words.
  • Submit articles using the online form
  • Articles should be original and unpublished.
  • Please include a title and sub-title or tagline where possible.
  • We encourage accompanying images where possible. Please send images in the highest resolution possible separately.
  • Links and URLs within articles should be clearly marked, ideally as hyperlinks and not embedded within a word or phrase.
  • At the bottom of the article, please include a signature line with your name, position and place of work.
  • Feature articles should not include advertisements for goods or services. Advertorial articles or block advertisements are available for that purpose.
  • The Library Life editor has the right to amend articles to fit the style of Library Life.
  • LIANZA has the right to decline submissions that we feel are inappropriate for our readership.
  • Features are archived by Index New Zealand.


Library Life aims to engage library and information staff at all levels and therefore our style of writing is entertaining as well as informative.

Pieces should be conversational rather than academic in style. Readers respond to quotes, anecdotes and reflection.

Items which explore innovation and technology are welcome but  the writing should be accessible and bite-sized with links to further information.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with LIANZA Communications Advisor Helen Heath: 


Library Life is now Creative Commons Licensed! This means that if you're a contributor, people have the right to use your work as long as they attribute it to you. You still hold the copyright over your work but this licensing makes it easier to share the great content you create for us!

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