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Library Life: Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa is our monthly magazine for the library and information sector in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The magazine features an inspiring and refreshing mix of debate, discussion and interactive content from throughout the profession as well as news, updates from LIANZA, and details of industry events, conferences and seminars.

Established as a newsletter in 1932, Library Life has recently been re-energised, thanks to the new design from Jess in Admin who also has a degree in Design from Massey, and from all of our lovely contributors who are upping their game and seding in riveting content.

Always on the lookout for new articles, Library Life accepts unsolicited submissions from professionals in the sector.

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Issue theme

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February: #LibraryHacks 

  • Do you have any library tips that you're dying to share with the GLAM community 
  • What's one piece of advice you would give your past self when you started working in the library sector?
  • What are your go-to work resources?

Friday 26th January 


March: The Children's Issue 

  • Managing burnout when working in high energy/high intensity roles 
  • Innovative programmes
  • Tips and tricks for delivering awesome programmes
  • Collection presentation tips
  • How do you market to the young adult audience? 
  • Your favourite books for storytimes 
  • Success stories 

Friday 23rd February 


April: The LIANZA Issue

  • Past Presidents-where are they now? 
  • Kotuku graduates-where are they now, how has being part of the programme changed them? 
  • Why getting involved with LIANZA is key for a sustainable professional association 
  • What benefit do you gain from being a member of LIANZA? 
  • If you've been a member for a long time, what changes have you seen? 
  • What is your favourite part of being a member of LIANZA? 
  • What kind of things do you think LIANZA should be doing on behalf of members? 


Friday 23rd March

May: The Inclusion/Advocacy Issue 

  • How do you advocate for your community/organisation/GLAM sector? 
  • How have you created a safe and inclusive environment for your library users? 

Friday 20th April

June: Te Ropu Whakahau

Friday 18th May

July: Winter Warmers Issue

  • Readers Advisory 
  • How to keep up team morale over the Winter months 
  • Winter Programming 

Friday 22nd June 

August: Superhero Issue 

  • What is your GLAM superpower? 
  • Shout out to a library you admire 
  • #humblebrag about what you/your organisation is doing 

Friday 27th July

September: Conference Issue 

  • Did you go to #APLIC18? Share your experience with us!
  • Learnings from other conferences 
  • Thoughts on professional development 

Friday 17th August

October: Pasifika

Friday 28th September

November: Transferable Skills

  • Is librarianship your second career? How did you end up working in libraries? 
  • What skills do you need to succeed in the GLAM sector? 

Friday 26th October

December: The year that was..the year that will be

  • What was your 2018 highlight? 

Friday 23rd November 

Library Life is available online via PressReader, in a format which includes sound, bookmarking and sharing tools as well as the ability to view offline.

There are even mobile apps to read Library Life while on the go! Welcome to the future!

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Each issue is available for download here on the LIANZA site in PDF form. If you prefer print, print away! 

We'll be looking at a magazine option for our members in the near future.

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