Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa

Brand Libraries Working Group


To head the efforts of such an important initiative we had:

Vye Perrone (Chair) Former LIANZA president (2007 - 2008),

Vye Perrone has been integral to the current incarnation of the LIS sector. Additionally, Vye has used her extensive project management experience to advocate and initiate change within libraries to keep up with leaps in technology.

Alison Wallbutton

Channeling a passion for public relations, Alison is devoted to improving the presence of libraries in the modern world. Previously working on brand improvement within the Puke Ariki project, she has also developed keen insight into the needs of libraries and librarians.

Amanda McFadden

Working with children and teenagers for over a decade, Amanda has developed expert intuition into the problems that libraries will face in the future when marketing to the new generations. Also acting as an extremely active member for attracting youth to reading, she frequently participates in reading programmes and book reviews.

Sandra Green

Honing her customer relation skills for almost a decade, Sandra has an expansive tool set for obtaining the best results for both libraries and customers. However, she also possesses experience with the more technical side of libraries ranging from the installation of public internet networks to upgrading archive managements systems.

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