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As library and information professionals we understand the importance of our libraries to the communities we serve, but many policy makers who decide on the future of our libraries don’t. 

This was a daunting task for our #brandlibraries working group – the stereotypical library brand is out of date, but it's well engrained in the minds of New Zealanders.  

The working group began by brainstorming with friends and colleagues testing each idea by asking two questions: 

1. Is this statement or concept true for all sectors? 

2. Is this statement or concept only true of libraries? 

Any idea that couldn’t pass both tests was set aside. This strategy was used as the basis of their brief as they selected a branding agency to assist in the process.

The successful agency was BRR and they have been instrumental in helping us develop our brand strategy. 

This strategy begins by articulating the shared values that underpin the library and information profession building into a unified brand – Libraries Aotearoa

Watch the Libraries Aotearoa Past Present and Future presentation at LIANZA2014 in Auckland.

Over the past few months we've been running workshops within the sector to share our brand story and the feedback we've received has been positive. 

We aim to have toolkits available for libraries to use within their communities to identify their user needs and to deliver back to the LIANZA office so that we can inform future marketing campaigns. 

We'll be working very closely with other library associations and our SIG and regional groups to ensure that any marketing as a result of this brand is of value to the profession.  

We’re pretty proud of what  we've accomplished! You can read about it here at!

If you like our branding and want to incorporate it in some way, you will find logos and guidelines here.

Let us know how you're planning on using it, or if you have any questions abut the branding.

If you have any questions about this project contact Joanna (027 284 3733)


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