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LIANZA National Grants and Awards

LIANZA offers a variety of grants and awards to support projects, research and professional development within the library and information sector.

There are national grants and awards available annually, with some only offered biennially. In 2019 the Scholarships Working Group made recommendations about the existing scholarships offered by LIANZA.
An award recognises an achievement that has already been completed.
A grant is given for a specific purpose.
LIANZA National Grants and Awards include:
All LIANZA National Grants and Awards are now judged by one panel of seven members made up from LIANZA Council, LIANZA Communities and Te Rōpū Whakahau. The panel may co-op relevant expertise if necessary.

We've put together a handbook that outlines each award and includes tips and tricks for your applications. 

The handbook has information you need to make an application and should be used to guide your submissions. 
Download the handbook and share it with your colleagues to encourage them to apply! 

The Rua Mano Grant aims to encourage and support LIANZA and Te Rōpū Whakahau members to strengthen their knowledge of te reo Māori, tikanga and Mātauranga Māori by participating in the immersive experience of the Te Rōpū Whakahau Hui-a-tau.
Ko te kaupapa o te karahipi nei hei whakamanawa ngā mema o Te Rau Herenga o Aotearoa me Te Rōpū Whaahau i whakatinanahia tō ake wheako i te hui-a-tau o Te Rōpu Whakahau.
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Value: approx $500
  • Last awarded to: Marni Boynton (2016) 

Closing date: Thursday, 30th May, 2019
Send application to:
Download application form here

This scholarship was established as a result of a bequest in the will of Mr Archibald William Dunningham, named in honour of Edith Jessie Carnell. Edith Jessie Carnell was a British librarian who worked in New Zealand between 1939-1944 as the liaison between the NZ Library Association and the Country Library Service.
The grant is awarded for the purpose of assisting an individual with travel, study or research. The grant is worth approx. $5000 and is awarded every two years. The next time is grant will be offered is in 2020.

  • Frequency: Biennial
  • Value: approx $5000
  • Last awarded to: Penny Guy (2018)

Send applications to
Download application form here. 

Ada Fache (1918 – 1994) was a stalwart of the library profession. She started work as an assistant at Dunedin Public Library in 1937 and the majority of her career was at Dunedin Public Library culminating in her appointment as City Librarian in 1960. She was the second woman to hold this position in a metropolitan library. The Ada Fache Fund was established in 1995, by the then NZLIA National Council, to provide an award or awards to assist with an individual's, or individuals' continuing professional development.

The purpose of this grant is to subsidise a LIANZA conference registration or LIANZA professional development event for a member in a professional or geographical situation which could be considered isolated. The grant is worth about $500 and is awarded annually.
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Value: approx $600
  • Last awarded: Bernadette Cassidy (2018) 

Closing date: Thursday, 30th May, 2019
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Download the application form here.

The John Harris Award was established in 1961 and is presented by LIANZA in recognition of notable published work, such as in the bibliographical, critical, historical or administrative fields, which represents a contribution to New Zealand librarianship.

A work published within the previous three years may be submitted either by the authors or by another person, with the author’s consent). The John Harris Award is offered annually and has a value of $500. It is available for applications in 2019.
  • Frequency: Annual
  • Value: approx $500
  • Last awarded to: Donald Kerr (2016)

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Download the application form here. 

This grant is in memory of Paul Séamus Reynolds (1949-2010) inspirational, enthusiastic and a digital world citizen. This grant was established in 2010 from donations made by the National Library of New Zealand, Internet NZ and friends of Paul Reynolds. The donations are held in trust by LIANZA.

The grant is intended to be used to enhance the knowledge and development of those working in the New Zealand GLAM sector. The project funded should reflect the value of the internet and digital world for New Zealanders. The grant is worth $5,000 and will enable the successful applicant to spend time working with an overseas institution in order to research and develop specialist digital knowledge or experience. The selection panel will have representatives appointed by NDF, LIANZA and National Library of New Zealand. The grant will be offered in 2019 and 2020.
  • Value: approx $5000
  • Last awarded: Adam Moriaty (2015)

Closing date: Thursday, 30th May, 2019
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Download application form here.

For even more detail on these awards, please see the LIANZA Professional Recognition Awards & National Grants and Awards 2019 Handbook

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