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Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa


You, our members are the foundation of LIANZA and it's important to celebrate your many successes. One way we can celebrate these achievements is by offering awards and grants.

Every year LIANZA presents: 


Every year LIANZA recognises professional excellence and honours the contributions made by its members to the library and information profession in New Zealand.
LIANZA Professional Recognition Awards include:  
    • Associateships
    • Awards of Professional Excellence 
    • Letter of Recognition
    • Joint Letter of Recognition for Bicultural Development 
    • Fellowships
    • Honorary Life Membership 
The LIANZA Professional Recognition Awards are managed by the LIANZA Credentials Committee. Read More.


LIANZA offers a variety of grants and awards to support projects, research and professional development within the library and information sector. 
There are national grants and awards available annually, with some only offered biennially.
In 2019 the Scholarships Working Group made recommendations about the existing scholarships offered by LIANZA.  
The following terms were clarified and names of some existing scholarships were updated; 
an award recognises an achievement that has already been completed
A grant is given for a specific purpose
LIANZA National Grants & Awards include:
    • Rua Mano Grant - annual
    • Edith Jessie Carnell Grant  - biennial, next offered in 2020
    • Ada Fache Grant - annual
    • John Harris Award - annual
    • Paul Reynolds ‘No Numpties’ Grant – offered in 2019 and 2020
All LIANZA National Grants and Awards are now judged by one panel of seven members made up from LIANZA Council, LIANZA Communities and Te Rōpū Whakahau. The panel may co-op relevant expertise if necessary. Read More.


We also work with Victoria University & Open Polytechnic of New Zealand to offer Student Awards, more information on those can be found here.

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