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Professional Recognition Awards

Every year LIANZA honours the contributions made to the profession in New Zealand by LIANZA members and leaders in the profession. 

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A Fellowship is the highest level of professional attainment awarded by LIANZA.

It's awarded to a personal member of the Association who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, teaching or research qualities and as a result has made a significant contribution to the advancement of librarianship and/or information management.

Fellowships are awarded every two years on a conference year. 


Associateships are awarded to registered members of the Profession Registration Scheme who have been a personal member of the association for at least five years and who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, judgement, attitude and commitment of a professional librarian/information manager.

List of recipients

Letters of Recognition

A LIANZA Letter of Recognition can be awarded to an individual or organisation for an outstanding contribution to librarianship, libraries or information management or for significant service to the Association.

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Joint Letter of Recognition for Bicultural Development

The Joint Letter of Recognition can be awarded to Individuals, groups or organisations for special bicultural service to the library and information profession, a demonstrated commitment to biculturalism over a period of time to the profession, or an outstanding bicultural contribution to librarianship, libraries or information management in Aotearoa New Zealand .

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Awards of Professional Excellence

LIANZA Award of Professional Excellence is given to personal members of the association who have shown excellence, innovation and an outstanding contribution to the New Zealand library and information sector in the areas of management, marketing or digital services.

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Honorary Life Memberships

Honorary Life Memberships are awarded to members who have helped to further the objectives of the Association. Nominations will be accepted at any time by LIANZA Council. 

List of recipients

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