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LIANZA Membership


Membership of LIANZA taps into a 110 year old history - you become part of an organisation that has helped shape our current library and information profession.

Organisations like LIANZA have diverse memberships with rich backgrounds and wide-ranging responsibilities, interests and personalities.

Becoming a member is more than just paying an annual invoice! Taking advantage of all LIANZA has to offer takes work, but reaps huge rewards in your career, and maybe even your personal life.

We know that plenty of new library professionals ask themselves the question: Should I join LIANZA? Well, we may be biased, but if you're just starting out in your career then ABSOLUTELY! Now let me school you on the why of it.

Purchasing Discounts

By being a LIANZA member you access purchasing discounts to everything from computers at Noel Leemings to a discount when purchasing books online at Booktopia.  To find out how to access these discounts go to our member only area  "Just for You" 

Member only resources

We provide a range of resources for our members, from the latest library texts on EBL to support you in your role, to current remuneration data from strategic pay, advocacy tools, and our "5 Minutes On..." Member training videos.  We also run regular webinars for our members.  You can access these through our member only area as soon as you sign up.


LIANZA helps our members find jobs by posting job listings. Being a part of our organisation gets your name out there in the sector. If you're an active member, even more so. When you raise your profile within LIANZA, the easier it will be for you to network and get those jobs that pop up regularly on our website!


Mentoring is the cornerstone of many professional organizations, especially when it comes to working with younger members. On your own you may never get in the room with the VIPs at the top of the sector for a very long time. But professional organisations like LIANZA have the ability to pare you with someone much more experienced who will help guide you and support you in your career when you're just starting out.

Professional Development

LIANZA offers professional development through online courses, workshops, publications, and members-only information on our website. We also keep members up to date on industry trends and how to deal with them.

LIANZA has a lot of different PD options available for members, and even non-members - yes, we're that generous!


Our biannual conference is a networking event that simply can't be missed. It's an opportunity for you to mix and mingle with others in your field in both "business and pleasure" settings. Not only will you make life-long connections with your colleagues but you'll also get to know sponsors and suppliers. With LIANZA you also have the option to join the interest groups and SIGs. These groups meet on a more regular basis.


As a LIANZA member you have access to awards and scholarships that will help you progress your career.

Convinced? We look forward to hearing from you...


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