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Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa

Industry Membership


By becoming an Institutional member of LIANZA you'll be giving back to the library and information profession in Aotearoa New Zealand. Your membership will give you such perks as discounted rates to Conference and events, and the ability to be represented on issues impacting your organisation. Not enough? Well, read on!

Some of the many benefits of joining LIANZA for your organisation include:

How do I join?

It's so darn easy. You can join LIANZA online or just give us a call on 04 801 5542 and we'll pop you in the database. Easy peasy.​

If you're a member we also have a great online CPD offer for you - check it out here

How much does it cost?

School $135.70
Corporate 1 (FTE less than 6) $319.70
Corporate 2 (FTE 6 - 10) $638.25
Corporate 3 (FTE 11 - 40) $1,278.50
Corporate 4 (FTE 41 - 100) $1,913.60
Corporate 5 (FTE 101 - 175) $2,553.00
Corporate 6 (FTE 176 - 499) $3,826.05
Corporate 7 (FTE 500+) $9, 568.00
Corporate Overseas (no GST) $278.00
LIANZA Supporter (Corporate non-library) $319.70
Special Interest Groups (each) +$11.50

Note: The FTE staff numbers mentioned in the above table are for the number of library staff within an organisation.

There are a number of methods of payment, have a look at them here.

We try and keep our membership fees as accessible and affordable as possible, while still providing for the ongoing operation of LIANZA.

For enquiries about membership or to discuss payment options: talk to us. If you're unable to join but you're interested in hearing about key LIANZA activities – join our mailing list

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