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Future Skills

The library and information profession is constantly evolving as libraries adapt to keep pace with technology. The overarching aim of this project was to ensure that both current and future library and information professionals have the skills they need to keep pace with this change, and to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s information environment.

The working group focused on how to help library and information professionals understand and articulate the key skills that an LIS worker will need, both now and in the future.They then went on to identify pathways and professional development opportunities to assist in the development of these skills.

Skill map

The working group began by identifying the skills needed within the profession for the next three to five years. This list was developed with wide ranging input, with other associations and groups invited to contribute. The skill map of key competencies is available and will be maintained and updated by the LIANZA office in consultation with the sector. 

Skill action plan

This is a tool designed to help individuals proactively identify and plan for the skills they need to acquire and is now available for you to use. The working group work-shopped this tool extensively with LIANZA members, and new professionals, to ensure it is fit for purpose.  

Once you have identified your individual skill gaps, then you can download the skill action plan from this page and use this to help you identify ways to upskill.

Current training opportunities for the profession

With the help of the office the working group tracked down available training opportunities for each of the skills identified as critical to the profession. These can now be easily searched using our learning resources feature on our website. The LIANZA office has undertaken to keep these training opportunities up to date, but your help would be appreciated. If you find an amazing course or resource let us know so we can keep the profession up to date with what is out there!

Gap analysis

The group then looked at areas where training was not easily found – and provided recommendations to the LIANZA office on steps that should be taken to address these. Their suggestions included an increased focus on providing training courses under the broader heading of mātauranga Māori.  As a result LIANZA is making changes to it’s professional development offering and you can expect to see this roll out in 2015. 

The Future Skills projects is one of three initiatives developed by LIANZA to strengthen the library and information profession in New Zealand and was launched as a result of member feedback in 2012.  The full report outlining the recommendations of the Future Skills Working group is available from the LIANZA office.

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