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Expressions of Interest: Workforce Development Group

Are you passionate about the future of NZ’s library sector? Would you like to be involved in tackling the issues that really matter to you and your colleagues?

Following the 2015 Future of Libraries summit, LIANZA formed a working group to develop a collaborative, sector-wide approach to workforce development. Workforce development is the coordination of policies and programmes to provide us all with the opportunity for sustainable employment and a rewarding career in New Zealand libraries. It includes recruitment and retention, education and training, remuneration, workplace culture, and ongoing professional development.

Earlier this year the working group produced a report outlining possible actions in this area, which was approved by the LIANZA Council. The actions fall into four key areas:

1.       Communication – updating LIANZA or sector communications and information regarding library careers, including clearly articulated career pathways.

2.       Education and training – building on the Future Skills work by identifying skill gaps, and developing and identifying training opportunities as required.

3.       Mentoring – creating mentoring opportunities, including job swaps, for library professionals, with a focus on those in management roles.

4.       Advocacy – advocating for greater recognition of library skillsets and increased remuneration.

We’re looking for four special people to lead one of these work streams and deliver on the actions identified by the report. You’ll probably find it useful to have some experience in the area you want to lead, but your enthusiasm for the topic is just as important.

We will work with the individuals taking charge in each area to ensure they are supported and that the regular commitment does not exceed what they are able to contribute. However, total workload will be dictated by the workplan that is arrived at in each area. We are looking for a minimum commitment of six months to a year to get the work plan underway. 

For more information, please contact Workforce Development Chair Marisa King:

Please apply in writing with a brief summary of your interests, your experience and outline of why you would like to contribute, to Marisa King by Friday 11 August 2017. 

Closing date: 
Friday, August 11, 2017
Contact email:

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