Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa

Code of Practice Consultation

We've been working to rewrite our Code of Practice based on the ISO framework. This is to provide consistency across all parts of the Code regardless of author, and to ensure we don't miss any key aspects of policy.   

We're at the point where we would like your feedback. If you're interested give the policies a read and let us know the following:

- Do all critical areas of operation appear to be covered?

- Are you happy with the intent of each policy?

- Do you like the framework being used?

- Are there appropriate safeguards for the organisation?

- What do you really like in each policy?

- What could make things difficult for you as a member?

- Are the definitions suitable?

Do let us know about any typos or other errors you see. You can give feedback using the forums or via email to the LIANZA office. Our council members and our Executive Director (Joanna) are also more than happy to answer questions about the policies - so get in touch if you'd like a chat or a presentation / Q&A session to your local group.

Consultation closes on May 1st at 9am - please have comments to us by then.

Joanna will then consolidate feedback, and report back to the membership and LIANZA council with a final Code for adoption.  We are hoping to have this framework go live on July 1, 2017. 

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