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Personal Membership

Becoming a member of LIANZA demonstrates your commitment to the library and information profession. Membership is an excellent addition to your resume and an indication you are serious enough about your career to make an investment of money and time in it.

We invite you to belong to an organisation of professionals dedicated to the same passion. You belong here. 

  • Join other members to advocate for the value of libraries using the platform of your trusted national association
  • Grow your connections and networks with other library and information professionals 
  • Join a community of peers through LIANZA social and professional events
  • Find job opportunities through vacancies and networks
  • Gain skills and experience beyond your workplace through contribution to LIANZA committees and advocacy work
  • Enjoy relevant and regular communication through a monthly digital magazine, email newsletter, and monthly webinars. 
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Join the library community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Gain generous member discount rates to the biennial LIANZA conference
  • Participate in the LIANZA Professional Registration scheme
  • Seize opportunities to develop your leadership experience 
  • Benefit from your LIANZA membership card with purchasing discounts  
LIANZA Personal Membership

incl GST per annum

Full personal membership $135.70
Affiliate (retired/leave) $78.20
New Information Professional (having started library career within the last 24 months - valid for two years) $78.20
Student (for up to four years) $67.85
Overseas (no GST) $118.00
Special Interest Groups (each) +$11.50


You can join by signing up online or filling out this form. The form can be scanned and emailed to


You can login to the LIANZA database at any time to view and download your invoices and receipts and check the date when your annual membership is due. Unless we hear from you, at the end of your 12 month membership period, your membership will be automatically re-invoiced for a further year. Please note that if you resign your membership, all payments owing still need to be paid. 


LIANZA relies on members to pay promptly, so that our organisation can work efficiently and effectively on behalf of all members. 
All payments are due within one month of the invoice due date. If your payment is overdue you will receive a monthly statement requesting payment. 


The LIANZA Rules state that if membership fees remain unpaid within two months of the due date, membership may be suspended. If your subscription is not paid within a further two months, LIANZA Council may withdraw membership. We hope it doesn't come to that! If you hold LIANZA Professional Registration, your membership must also be paid and current. 


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