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Personal Membership

I did it for myself.

Becoming a member of LIANZA demonstrates your commitment to the library and information profession. Not only will you reap the benefits of professional development, access to networks, lower conference fees and more, but your confidence will grow when you feel like you belong to an organisation of professionals dedicated to the same passion. You belong here. And for the sector to survive, we need your help.

Benefits of personal membership

  • Membership card with purchasing discounts

  • Regular communication, online publications, webinars, and 5 Minute on Training courses

  • Learning opportunities through participation in LIANZA committees, working groups, and special interest groups (SIGs)

  • The opportunity to give back to the library profession

  • Continuing professional development opportunities

  • Member rates to the biennial LIANZA conference

  • Professional Registration scheme

  • National collegiality

  • Leadership opportunities through our Emerging Leadership programme Kotuku. 

How much does it cost?


Incl GST per annum

Full personal membership $135.70
Affiliate (retired/leave) $78.20
New Information Professional (having started library career within the last 24 months - valid for two years) $78.20
Student (for up to four years) $67.85
Overseas (no GST) $118.00
Special Interest Groups (each) +$11.50

We try and keep our membership fees as accessible and affordable as possible, while still providing for the ongoing operation of LIANZA. If you would like to discuss payment options, please get in touch.

How do I join?

You can join by filling out this form or signing up online here.

If you're unable to join at the moment but you're interested in hearing about key LIANZA activities – why not join our mailing list?  Just send your email to Jess!

Even better, try your hand at volunteering with us. It'll give you a great insight into all the excellent advocacy work we do!

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