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Meet new LIANZA President Paula Eskett

Paula Eskett became President of Te Rau Herenga O Aotearoa LIANZA on July 1st. 


Paula is an experienced library and information professional with 30 years experience in the sector in various roles including time as a children's librarian and a community librarian. She currently works in a special library as a Knowledge Curator at CORE Education in Christchurch. During her career, Paula has worked in digital, community and research libraries, managed school libraries and contributed as a consultant in school libraries. In 2012, Paula became the first non-teacher in New Zealand to be awarded a CORE Education eFellowship. Her research focused on creating student engagement in school libraries through the use of mobile devices and apps.

Paula is on the board for Tohatoha, formerly Creative Commons Aotearoa, representing the education sector. In 2016, she was part of the Institute of Open Leadership (IOL 2) in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2018, she successfully completed the Creative Commons Certificate demonstrating competency in open licensing and the Commons. Paula attended the Creative Commons Global Summit in 2017 and 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Paula is the only accredited facilitator in New Zealand available to deliver library-specific training through Professional Learning and Development centrally funded by the Ministry of Education. 

Paula has been on LIANZA Council since 2011 and has gradually been moving into the leadership role, giving two interviews on Radio NZ in recent months.
Paula is passionate about the need for sustainable, equitable and community responsive libraries and we're looking forward to continuing to work with her in her role as LIANZA President. 

Under the LIANZA Presidential model, Louise LaHatte is now the Immediate Past-President and Rachel Esson is the LIANZA President-Elect. The three presidents work collaboratively together with the support of the Te Rōpū Whakahau Tumuaki, Cellia Joe-Olsen.

You can watch a short video interview with Paula here where she talks about what being LIANZA President means to her and the projects she's excited to work on. 


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