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Library Assistant

Library Assistant

Job description

The library assistant role is an entry level position involving general shelving duties and customer enquiries within the library, as well as, assisting with the day-to-day provision of basic  library services including the issuing and processing materials.

Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Performing excellent customer service mainly surrounding customer enquiries
  • General day-to-day operation of the issuing systems, such as, issuing and renewing materials.
  • Processing new/re-classified materials and maintaining library shelving standards

A more detailed position description for the library assistant role can be found here

Remuneration comparison

LIbrary Assistant Remuneration Chart

Figure 6: Remuneration comparison for the library assistant role


LIS sector library assistants can expect to earn as much, if not more than their peers within the local government and general market sectors.

At grade four, the library assistant role is usually task focused and work is usually limited to clearly defined tasks with simple rules or detailed instructions.  At grade six, the role will also include some customer facing work and semi-skilled tasks. The individual is accountable for their own day to day tasks (supporting customer use of technology is a grade six task).

Individuals operating at grade four can expect to be paid at the lower quartile, while individuals working at grade 6 can expect to be paid in the upper quartile.

Comparing LIANZA salary data for the library sector, local government and the general NZ job market against associate grade A steps 1 & 2 from the 2014-2016 support staff in schools collective agreement revealed a salary gap ranging from 17.7% (lower quartile library sector) through to 32.5% (upper quartile general NZ job market).

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