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Joining the Interloan Scheme

To become a member of the New Zealand Interloan Scheme there are a few simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Become a Charter or Non-Charter Library
  2. Pay your NZ Interloan registration fee
  3. Obtain a Library Symbol
  4. Join Te Puna Interloan and Interloan Billing Service (IBS)

1: Become a Charter of Non-Charter Library

Firstly, you need to decide on your status as either a Charter or Non‐Charter library.

Charter Libraries are members who sign up to the requirements of the Charter.  Charter members must report holding to Te Puna and can request and supply.
See the Agreement for Charter Libraries

Non Charter Libraries are members who can request and supply, but are not required to report holdings to Te Puna.  Charter libraries may charge non-charter libraries a higher interloan fee to reflect their lack of contribution to the Interloan infrastructure.
See the Agreement for Non-Charter Libraries

Sign and return your Charter or Non-Charter agreement form to LIANZA, PO Box 12‐212, Wellington or email to  

2: Pay your NZ Interloan Registration Fee

To become a member of the NZ Interloan Scheme you need to register with LIANZA as an Interloan member and pay a fee; either

Please note: NZ Interloan Scheme charges are renewed on an annual basis.

You can make your payment online or get in touch with the LIANZA office on (04) 801 5542 or

Once payment has been received the LIANZA Office will get in touch to confirm you are a member of the NZ Interloan Scheme.

3: Obtain a Library Symbol

Once you’ve received confirmation of your Interloan membership you can contact Collaborative Services at the National Library. They'll issue you with a Library Symbol.

As soon as you’ve completed the above steps your organisation is legally entitled to interloan in New Zealand! Congrats!

4: Join Te Puna Interloan and Interloan Billing Service (IBS)

Now you’re a member of the Interloan Scheme you may also wish to join Te Puna Interloan and the Interloan Billing Service (IBS).

Te Puna Interloan
This is a web‐based interloan management system for the request and supply of resources between libraries. More than 88% of New Zealand libraries use Te Puna Interloan.

To use Te Puna Interloan you must become a Te Puna member.

Interloan Billing Service (IBS)
If your organisation has chosen Charter or Non Charter membership, best practice encourages your organisation to join the Interloan Billing Service (IBS) managed by the National Library of New Zealand.

IBS is a financial management service that allows invoices to be created for Interloan transactions between libraries. Invoices are issued for domestic interloans on a monthly basis and on a two monthly basis for international interloans.

To find out more about Te Puna Interloan and IBS visit  or contact

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