LIANZA has active member communities based regionally or with shared interests in particular aspects of library and information management. If you haven't joined one yet, what are you waiting for? These communities use LIANZA as a platform to connect and get things done. Special interest communities are formed by our members, for our members, and we love it.

Do you have a great idea for a special interest community? New professionals, youth librarians, rare books, library strategy, special collections, marketing, libraries for the 21st century ? Do you just want to get together and talk with ‘library and information’ colleagues informally? It is easy to become a part of the greater LIANZA community and get support to reach and connect with all the other people who may wish to join in ! Simply email and let’s get promoting your new special interest community!

Each community is run by volunteers who work in the sector – these incredible people use their spare time to lead these communities and their events! So, what do LIANZA communities have to offer?

  • valuable professional development activities
  • social events to strengthen connections
  • networking opportunities with like minded people

Joining LIANZA is a great way to make new connections and get involved in your local professional community. Your LIANZA membership means you automatically become part of your LIANZA regional community and you can choose to be part of as many LIANZA special interest communities that grab your attention, with no additional joining fee. Check out the regional community events near you!

You can select your special interest groups when you join LIANZA or let us know during the year if there are additional special interest communities you wish to be involved with - just email And if there is no current special interest group that meets your needs – let’s just create one !




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LIANZA is a national membership organisation that has been built upon many contributing ‘communities of practice’ run by energetic and committed volunteer members, who generously give their time to create an active and vibrant network around New Zealand.

We want to revitalise the LIANZA national community with robust communities of practice, to strengthen the role of LIANZA through these communities and to enable new communities to easily grow and flourish.

The term ‘LIANZA Communities’ is being adopted as an umbrella name for all the communities that currently exist or that will be formed in the future by members. These communities can be geographically, sector or interest based.


Empowering members to use LIANZA as a platform for new ideas and initiatives is key to the sustainability of the association.

We recognise that LIANZA Communities will form and dissolve dependent on the ongoing purpose, and engagement of those involved, and the relevancy of the group to LIANZA members.

Creating a new LIANZA Community is now as simple as finding ten members with a common goal or purpose and sending a brief proposal for approval by LIANZA Council.


We want to make it easy for our volunteer members to contribute to the success of their community.

We recognise that different LIANZA communities will want to operate in different ways. In future each LIANZA Community can decide how formally they wish to operate. Your community may choose to run an Annual General Meeting and have elections for office holders if they wish, but this is no longer a formal requirement.

All LIANZA Communities may designate any roles they feel necessary to run their group effectively. At minimum a LIANZA community must provide the names and contact details for one named co-ordinators or office holders, who can attend joint quarterly Zoom meetings with LIANZA Executive Director and other LIANZA Community co-ordinators or office holders.

The only other requirement is that every LIANZA Community must provide a report by the end of August each year for inclusion in the LIANZA Annual Report, so that we can make visible the amazing work being done around the country.


Financial sustainability is an essential focus for LIANZA and its membership.

Historically LIANZA SIGs and regions were distinct legal groups with their own incorporation, bank accounts and legal standing. In 2011 the process began of bringing these groups back into LIANZA. Initially each group had their own trust account, but these were disbanded in 2014 and all region and SIG funds are now administered nationally by LIANZA. The changes outlined below are essential steps in ensuring the on-going viability of LIANZA and its communities.


We see flexibility and ease in how communities can operate as essential.

LIANZA now has two types of communities – budgeted or unbudgeted. Each community can decide which category they wish to operate under and can move from budgeted to unbudgeted annually depending on future plans.

  • Unbudgeted communities

Unbudgeted communities are those where interaction between participants in the LIANZA Community is online and/or members pay their own way at face-to-face events.

  • Budgeted communities

Budgeted communities are those where income and expenses are generated from events and activities. Their financial plans are considered as part of LIANZA’s operating budget.

All budgeted LIANZA Communities are required to operate a neutral or surplus annual budget and any annual surpluses are returned to the LIANZA Community Contestable Fund (see below).


A central fund is administered for the benefit of LIANZA Communities with the goal of making access to funding equitable.

Some really innovative thinking has gone into solving the inequities that resulted in the accumulation of funds by SIGs and regions. This accumulation of $124,000 at the end of 2017/18 had resulted in funds not being spent for the benefit of members. The LIANZA Community Contestable Fund was created by the transfer of a proportion of accumulated SIGs and Regions funding as at June 30, 2019.

The fund is maintained sustainably by the addition of annual contributions made up of interest on the fund, 5% of LIANZA personal member and student member income (excl GST) and all annual surpluses from budgeted LIANZA Communities.


The contestable fund will also be used to fund a maximum of six regional LIANZA Community conference grants biennially. The conference grants will be awarded nationally by a selection panel made up of the representatives from each regional LIANZA Community.


We want to ensure that belonging to LIANZA brings a variety of benefits – from worthwhile discounts to professional development. LIANZA needs active member support to become a stronger and more effective voice for the library and information sector. We want to encourage a pathway for people to become more active, contributing, members and for individuals and employers to recognise the value of Professional Registration (PR).


The personal membership has been be simplified – reducing from five to two categories from July 1, 2019 and a range of member discounts now apply to all LIANZA and budgeted LIANZA Community events and activities including LIANZA Conference, weekend schools and study days.

  • LIANZA Personal Membership categories

The SIGs and Regions Working Group identified different levels of engagement in LIANZA by individuals; professional registration (high), contribution (medium), and participation (low).

  • LIANZA Professionally Registered Member (RLIANZA)

RLIANZA is our premier membership category and the most important for the financial security of LIANZA. Individuals pay annual fees for both LIANZA personal membership and professional registration.

LIANZA professional registration demonstrates a significant investment in your career, it provides public and workplace recognition of your professional ability. In addition to holding professional registration, benefits for RLIANZA members include eligibility for LIANZA Grants and Awards and the greatest discount (30%) on all LIANZA events.

  • LIANZA Personal Contributing Member

The contribution of personal members is very important to the sustainability of LIANZA. Anyone can become a personal member and professional registration is not required. Personal contributing members may be active volunteers within LIANZA Communities and LIANZA Standing Committees and working groups. This level of membership aims to support a wide range of people working across diverse roles in the library and information sector.

Benefits for personal members include eligibility for LIANZA Grants and Awards and a 20% discount on all LIANZA events. Actively contributing to LIANZA also gives you valuable tools for your professional and personal growth – you have the opportunity to develop leadership skills regardless of your paid position in the library sector, broaden your perspective, contribute to the wider profession and give back to the sector.

  • Participant

It is important for people within and beyond the library and information profession to be able to engage with LIANZA. People can participate in LIANZA Communities; attend LIANZA events and our biennial conference; and learn about LIANZA initiatives and publications online. These participants do not make a financial contribution through membership and therefore are not eligible for any event discounts or for the majority of LIANZA Professional Recognition Awards and LIANZA Grants and Awards.

  • Professionally registered members from other associations

LIANZA Professional Registration is open to members of other related associations. While these registered members are not eligible for many LIANZA Awards and Grants, they are eligible for a discount (15%) on LIANZA events as financial members of another association with which LIANZA has a reciprocal arrangement.


Q: What will LIANZA Communities do?
A: LIANZA Communities are essential agencies for LIANZA’s visibility and engaging members. LIANZA Communities will plan, run and review events and activities each year that meet the needs of their community including face-to-face networking, professional development events, community or research projects, online networking and social events.

Q: Do current SIGs and regions need to be re-approved by LIANZA ?
No, there is no requirement for existing SIGs and regions to be re-approved.

Q: What do these changes mean for current region and SIG names?
A: Lots of great work is done by LIANZA communities and we want to ensure that the link from each community to LIANZA is obvious. Existing regional and special interest communities can choose to retain their current names and will use LIANZA in front of their name eg. LIANZA Hikuwai Community, LIANZA RES-SIG Community.

Q: How do these changes impact our LIANZA regions?
A: There is no intention currently to change the number or size of LIANZA regional communities which is set as six under LIANZA Rules. LIANZA Regional Councillors will continue to be nominated and elected by their regional community. Regional representation on LIANZA Council will be retained for the purposes of governance, but this will be reviewed in 2021.

Q. How much funding will be available from the LIANZA Contestable Fund?
A: LIANZA Council have decided that the fund will be seeded with $60,000 from the current SIG and Region accumulated funds. The maximum disbursement annually will be no greater than 70% of the annual contributions and is forecast to be $6-10,000 per annum.

Q. What will be funded from the contestable fund?
A: An annual funding round will enable all LIANZA Communities to submit funding applications for research, advocacy, community projects and grants for new initiatives.
The fund will seek to support projects or initiatives that are innovative and provide opportunities that have the potential to make a difference for NZ; contribute to the LIANZA vision, mission and strategic goals; demonstrate how LIANZA community will benefit from the knowledge; information and connections generated; show how evidence will be generated and evaluated; and create partnerships with other groups or people that will be used to change or enhance the initiative.

Q: Who is eligible to apply and who will make the selection?

A: All LIANZA Communities are eligible to apply for the fund and can opt to seek ideas or initiatives from LIANZA personal and institutional members who are part of their community and prioritise applications submitted for consideration. The fund will be awarded nationally by a selection panel of at least seven made up of the representatives from LIANZA Communities and LIANZA Council.

Q: What’s happened to the capitation income?
A: For many years SIGs and regions received capitation income based on the number of members. The regions received capitation income drawn from the annual membership fee and SIGs received the additional levy paid by members to belong to a special interest group. LIANZA is no longer charging members an additional levy to join its special interest groups. Each personal member can now join an unlimited number of sector or special interest LIANZA Communities as part of their annual membership fee. In 2018/19 the regions no longer received capitation income and from July 1, 2019 no LIANZA Communities will receive capitation income.

Q: What will happen to surpluses generated from budgeted LIANZA Communities?
A: All budgeted LIANZA Communities are expected to operate neutral or surplus annual budgets. If a surplus is forecast on an event, then this can help off-set other forecast expenses. Major events must be budgeted separately to ensure that all expenses have been taken into account, prior to setting event attendance fees. At the year-end any annual surplus from each budgeted community will be returned to the LIANZA Community Contestable Fund.

Q: How will any losses from budgeted LIANZA Communities be covered?
A: While LIANZA Community events budgets will be required to be neutral or to generate a surplus, any unplanned losses will come from the contestable fund. This means that members involved in running LIANZA Communities are not liable for any losses.

Q: What support do budgeted LIANZA Communities receive?
A: It is important to understand that all losses from budgeted LIANZA Communities are the liability of LIANZA, not of the co-ordinators, office holders or community participants. Budgeted LIANZA Communities receive support from LIANZA Office with budgeting, planning, registrations, sponsorship, liability insurance, GST, promotion and invoicing.

Q: Why do LIANZA personal membership fees need to increase?
Over the last 12 years LIANZA personal membership fees have increased by $18.00 (excluding GST), which is less than $2 a year. However, all costs associated with running LIANZA have increased over this period – leading to a series of annual deficits. Membership income is essential to allow LIANZA to continue supporting all sectors of the library and information profession.

Q: What about professional registration fees?
A: Professional registration fees will remain at same level in 2019/20 and will be reviewed in 2020.

Q: Why have membership categories for new professionals and retired members been removed?
A: Following recommendations by the working group, we have decided that only three levels of personal membership fees (including a reduced member rate for students) will be offered. The new professional, affiliate and overseas rates are now removed. Free access to LIANZA communications including Library Life and participation in all LIANZA Community events and our biennial conference is open to all people wishing to engage.

Q: What about do LIANZA student membership?
A: LIANZA recognises the importance of attracting new professionals as members to ensure the future of our organisation remains healthy. Therefore, student membership has been retained. However, to gain student membership, confirmation of full-time enrolment is required and student membership is only offered for three years. Student members receive the same 30% discount on LIANZA events and conference as professionally registered members.

Q: How do I become a member of a LIANZA regional, sector or special interest community?
A: Currently All LIANZA personal members automatically become part of the regional LIANZA Community in which they are located. However, from July 1, 2019, the current SIG levy of $10 pa for each SIG will be removed. All LIANZA personal members will be able to join an unlimited number of sector or special interest LIANZA Communities. You will choose which communities you wish to join when you join or update your membership. People cannot join a regional, sector or special interest LIANZA Community if they are not a LIANZA contributing member, but they can pay to attend LIANZA events.

Q: Why will Online CPD not be offered in the future?
A: As the current Online CPD courses have aged, uptake has reduced and the cost of course provision is becoming greater than the income. LIANZA does not currently have the resources to design and update online courses with the required content and functionality. LIANZA will continue to provide professional development through regional workshops and webinars. Growth of LIANZA Communities will enable more professional development workshops to be offered around the regions.

Q: What about interloan only membership?
A: Interloan will continue to be offered as part of the LIANZA institutional membership fee, however ‘interloan only’ membership will be closed. These members will have the option to move to school or institutional membership. Interloan only members that move to school membership will pay less membership fee but gain staff discounts to LIANZA conference and professional events.

Q: Why do institutional membership fees need to increase?
All costs associated with running LIANZA have increased in the last 12 years, leading to a series of annual deficits, which have not been off-set by membership fee increases for several years. Institutional members contribute more than half the total membership income and an increase is essential to allow LIANZA to continue supporting all sectors of the library and information profession.

Q: What benefits will staff at member institutions receive?
A: All employees will now receive a 15% discount for LIANZA Conference and all LIANZA Community professional development events. While this discount is lower than for LIANZA personal members, there is now no limit to the number of staff that can attend at this rate.