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Guide to making a Submission

Sample submission template

Media trainers suggest that politicians tend to discount set text campaign messages, so we suggest using the outline below, incorporating points specific to you or your organization.

Dear Minister/electoral representative/opposition spokesperson/parent institution/whomever


  • Indicate whether you are writing on behalf of yourself or your organization.
  • If you are writing on behalf of your organization include an indication of it’s nature or size to underline why it is of importance for the recipient to consider the impacts of a particular unsatisfactory situation you plan to describe);
  • Then state:
    • The perceived problem
    • The potential implications of that problem
    • What you would like to see happen as a solution to the problem
  • A firm, polite request to urge action in this respect ****


Examples of points that may be made re copyright extension can be found here and in the selection of readings.

If you do make a submission we would appreciate receiving a copy – this will allow us to draw on the potential impacts on all of our members when advocating on behalf of our profession.

Have you alerted your parent institution(s) to the impact TPP with its possible extension of copyright may have on your institution?


Who to send it to?

1.  You could send it to your MP, and to anyone in Parliament who may have an interest.  To find out contact details you can use the Parliamentary website.

2. You can also write to the TPP

Coordinator, Trans-Pacific Partnership

Free Trade Agreement Unit

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Private Bag 18901


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