LIANZA 2019 Conference sponsors, exhibitors and potential delegates have the opportunity to vote for one of the LIANZA 2019 Conference talanoa topics.

Talanoa (in Tongan/Samoan/Fijian) means an open, shared dialogue between two or many.
‘Tala’ in talanoa means talk, to talk, to dialogue, to tell a story.

Talanoa can be formal or informal in which people share their stories, thoughts and feelings on a topic of interest (Vaioleti, 2006). There are different types of talanoa ranging from talanoa vave |fast and brief talanoa; to fakatalanoa when people meet for the first time; to pō talanoa |deeper exchange and sharing of ideas (Fa’avae, 2016).

Talanoa is guided by protocols and principles which includes faka‘apa‘apa (Tongan) fa’aaloalo (Samoan)| respect; ‘ofa (Tongan), alofa (Samoan)| love, compassion to generate ethical and meaningful engagement between people. The sharing of stories in the talanoa encourages inclusiveness, participation, and open interactions. For Tongan, Samoan, Fijian including other Pacific cultures, talanoa is a precursor to establishing effective and ongoing reciprocal relationships which our conference sessions hope to create.

Our conference talanoa on Tuesday October 22 will include;
Talanoa – Strengthening connections in the Pacific
Talanoa – Social media and it’s influence on youth
Talanoa – Libraries, digital innovation & inclusion

And the fourth, crowd-sourced and timely topic is... Open Access


Experience talanoa using the Cook Islands Tivaevae[1] model. The Cook Islands Tivaevae tells a story of worlds and the lives within it, providing windows into cultures, environments, identities and perspectives. Collaboration, respect, reciprocity, relationships, and shared vision underpin the Tivaevae research model.

The metaphor will be used to unpack and explore our topic Strengthen Connections in the Pacific. It will require you to explore other ways of thinking, plan a design, and create a ‘tivaevae’ to build reciprocal and sustainable partnerships in information management with Pacific.  Are you up for it?

[1] Tivaevae or artistic quilting is unique to the Cook Islands and plays an important part in the lives of Cook Islanders. (Te Ava & Page, 2018)

Facilitators: Judy, John (M) and Maryanne


Social media is everywhere and is an effective, powerful tool used in educational and social spaces. What’s your favourite social media platform?

Come and join our talanoa with our six Student Panellists from secondary and tertiary education. How can we utilise social media as a library to foster positive influence for our youth?

Hear our students share their experiences and stories on the influence of social media on their own studies and learning. This talanoa contributes to meaningful connection with our youth and library spaces to further enhance relevant learning environments.

Facilitators: John Pulu, Eirenei and Sana


Digital Innovation is the application of new technologies to existing business problems or practices. Inclusion is the act of including something, meaning to make someone or something a part of something larger. So what does this mean for those who do not have equal access to resources?

Perhaps this is where Libraries can play a role - in future business and social participation.

Facilitators: Richy and Trina


As we transition to an Open Access by default model for sharing knowledge the question “open for whom?” is essential—both to consider and to act upon at this talanoa. Some excellent resources have recently been published by Tohatoha and CONZUL, considering the current state of open access in New Zealand. LIANZA Conference 2019 runs during Open Access Week, which is a global online and live series of events focusing on open access and related topics. Come and hear about current work in Open Access and add your voice to this important kōrero around open government, open access, and open data.

Facilitators: Mack, Irene and Ian