In a human library, the ‘books’ are people in the community who have a story to share. Borrowers ‘check out’ of the Human Library for twenty minutes, to connect with and learn from a different perspective to their own.

The Human Library creates a safe space for dialog where topics are discussed openly between our human books and their readers.

A human Library is designed to challenge society’s prejudices and help people understand those with whom they share their community.

Experiencing the Human Library will be more than you expect and something you will not forget.

Splice delivers Human Libraries in Aotearoa New Zealand, however the concept was created in Copenhagen and is implemented all over the world.

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Our ‘Human Books’ are priceless, unique and a pleasure to read.

Human books are available to ‘check out' on Monday, 21st October 2019. Pre-booking is essential so secure your loan time during the conference registration process. If you are already registered for the conference, you can add the Human Library to your registration. Please note that there are limited human books to check-out !

Due to limited spaces and time, your loan time is 20 minutes; the book must be returned on time so it is available for the next reader!

The reader must return the book in the same condition as it was borrowed. Please respect the Human Book physically, verbally and emotionally - do not tear or bend its pages or hurt it in any way.

The book can end the conversation at any time if it feels that the reader treats it in an inappropriate manner.

As with any really good book, when you’ve turned the last page and it’s time to put it back on the shelf, you are guaranteed to feel as though you have just left a friend.

Please bring your library book back to the lending desk when you have finished your time with the book. While it is optional, we would very much appreciate a brief written comment on your experience!