LIANZA 2019 Conference logo

The conference logo portrays the spirit and aspirations of the 2019 conference theme and beyond. The rope bindings, common throughout Pacific architecture and engineering represent the physical, cultural and spiritual elements that bind us together in Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific: land, the waters, air, but also our cultural values, languages, knowledge, relationships, communities and families which not only connect, but also sustain us.The waka with a Polynesian sail, symbolises the shared journeys and histories of our peoples Maori and Pacific, but also the transportation of knowledge to the future, thus emphasising sustainability and continuity. The combination of both concepts reinforces the theme statement of the importance and value of enduring partnerships between our libraries, our communities and our families in this crucial work for all and future generations.

The logo is designed to be contemporary in look, but clean and organic in feel. The colours used are earth tones, reflective of Pacific material culture. The blues invoke a sense of the moana/ocean and our interconnectedness in "our sea of islands" (Hau'ofa, 1993).