Rainbow Storytime is coming to the LIANZA 2021 Conference

  • November 9, 2021 - 4.30pm-5.30pm

Aimed at the curious and the fun-loving, Living Library is a storytelling, lip syncing, and dancing interactive performance by Taranaki drag queens Erika and CoCo Flash!

Erika is a 7ft, blonde bombshell straight off the Broadway stage. A real housewife of Taranaki with an obsession for all things glam and pink. CoCo is a disco diva most at home on light-up dance floors with a love of movement, beats and bass. Together they will deliver an engaging and entertaining treat. Bring along your friends and your questions and join us for a fun and glitter-filled frolic at the LIANZA 2021 Conference!

Our Living Library is designed for you to learn about how the duo became Erika and CoCo and how they identify. You will be able to ask questions openly, without feeling embarrassed (they are not easily offended). Erika and CoCo are keen to educate about being LGBTQ+, being allies and of course DRAG! Come and learn about how their Living Library is run in public libraries, how it helps to educate people and how your library can be involved.