The call for abstracts is now open and we invite you to share new initiatives, fresh experiences, unexpected findings, deep insights, inspiring initiatives and provocative thoughts to create an engaging and stimulating conference.

Your kōrero will celebrate the stories of libraries, help others to strengthen the role of libraries, and highlight how libraries add value and support people to thrive, personally and within their communities.

Abstract submissions should be made via the online portal by 8.00pm March 29, 2021.


The LIANZA 2021 Conference theme is ‘Thriving Together’.

Your abstract will need to be submitted under one of the following six sub-themes:

  1. Innovation
  2. Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  3. Enabling literacies
  4. Impact and value
  5. Community support, engagement, and transformation
  6. Collecting, preserving, and providing access to our heritage

A detailed outline of the themes can be found here.


Select a format in which you would like to present your findings to the Conference:

  • Lightning talk A (presented in-person)
  • Lighting talk B (pre-record presentation)
  • Panel (presented in-person, with option to include streamed remote presenters)
  • Paper A (presented in-person)
  • Paper B (pre-record presentation)
  • Poster A (with 90 sec presentation)
  • Poster B (electronic poster only)
  • Workshop A (presented in-person)
  • Workshop B (presented to online audience)
  • Workshop C (presents to online and in-person audience)

A detailed outline of the presentation formats can be found below.


Lightning talk (10mins).
Available to both audiences.
Two presentation options:

  1. live in-person
  2. pre-recorded and hosted online during the conference

Panel (60 mins incl Q&A).
Available to both audiences.
Presented live.
Panel members can present in-person (preferred option), some members can join remotely via a live stream.

Paper (30 mins incl Q&A).
Available to both audiences.
Two presentation options:

  1. presented live (speaker can present in-person or join remotely via a live stream)
  2. pre-recorded and hosted online during the conference

Poster (electronic poster)
Available to both audiences.
Uploaded to online platform, available to online and in-person audience, with option to include a pre-recorded 90 second video

Workshop (60 mins).
Three presentation options:

  1. present live to in-person audience only
  2. present online to online audience only
  3. present live to both audiences with simultaneous online and in-person breakout groups


All submissions are to be entered through our online abstract portal.

  • You will be asked to set up a ‘new account’ in the portal before you can submit, once your account has been set up you can enter the portal as often as you need to.
  • Prepare your abstract submission:
    • Consider the theme and presentation format that applies to your abstract (you will be required to select these in the portal)
    • Abstracts should be typed into this template and saved on your computer to upload in the abstract portal.
    • The filename of the Word document should be the first five words of your abstract title.
    • The abstract should be typed in Arial font, size 11
    • The full abstract text should be limited to 300 words and should include a 150-word summary
    • Do not include author details on the abstract document. You will enter these into the online form.


Your submission should answer these questions:

  • What are the issues the paper and/or presentation highlights / addresses / raises?
  • Why are these issues significant?
  • How do these issues relate to the conference theme
  • What contributions might this paper and/or presentation make to the library and information sector?
  • What are the implications for the future?

Abstracts will be evaluated by the LIANZA 2021 Conference Committee against the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness and significance of the topic to the conference theme and sub-themes
  • Originality, significance (is this a new and original contribution?)

Do not include information in your abstract that will not be included in your presentation.

All abstracts will be double blind reviewed.


  • Presenters selected for the conference are eligible for a funded conference registration.
  • A presenter may participate in a maximum of two presentations.
  • Abstracts may be accepted in a different presentation format subject to review and availability.
  • If you are selected for the conference you must confirm your participation no later than July 23, 2021 to be confirmed in the programme.
  • If you are accepted for the conference and opt to attend in-person you are required to organise and finance your own travel and accommodation.


LIANZA is delighted to announce that all presenters selected for the 2021 conference programme will be eligible to receive a funded registration.

This support is made possible by LIANZA-held funds that were intended support the New Zealand Aotearoa hosting of the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) 2022. Under the relationship agreement between LIANZA and National Library the fund can now be used to encourage New Zealand librarian and library staff participation in the activities of LIANZA and to support New Zealand and Pasifika librarians to attend IFLA-related events. In 2021 this fund will be used to support participation in the IFLA WLIC virtual congress and the LIANZA 2021 Conference.

LIANZA conferences usually require each presenter to register for the conference, before their presentations are confirmed in the programme. This year, if your abstract for a paper, lightening talk, poster, workshop or panel is accepted for the LIANZA 2021 Conference then each lead presenter, panellist or workshop facilitator will be eligible to receive one funded registration (in-person or virtual, three-day or one-day. If you are accepted for the conference and opt to attend in-person you are required to organise and finance your own travel and accommodation.

This presenter support will not be available at future LIANZA conferences and is a one-time-only offer.


If you need help with your submission at any stage please contact the conference organisers.

The Conference Company