Thriving Together
E huri tō aroaro ki te rā,
Tukuna tō ataarangi ki muri i a koe

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington
November 9 - 11, 2021

The theme of the LIANZA Conference 2021 is “Thriving Together”. This captures our aspirations for the coming year as the sector works its way through COVID recovery with a spirit of collaboration.

We are excited to announce that the LIANZA 2021 conference will be a hybrid event – one conference with two audiences. It will provide connectivity and interactions in-person and virtually, enabling delegates to interact with people who matter to them – speakers, exhibitors and colleagues. The main conference venue will be Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington – a space that will embrace delegates from across the ‘GLAMI’ sector and connect seamlessly with delegates joining from home or their workplaces.

Our innovative conference model will see speakers and delegates joining from anywhere in the world and aims to have even more members of our professional community engage in a LIANZA conference than ever before. We hope you will join us – in-person or virtually at the LIANZA 2021 conference.


LIANZA would like to extend a hearty congratulations to our new Conference Committee members: Natalie Smith, Aaron Wanoa, Heather McCaskill, Brigid Brammer and Kay Morfett.


​Natalie Smith, Victoria University of Wellington

I’m keen pleased to be part of the LIANZA 2021 conference committee. As to what I think needs to be achieved in the sector – well, I’m all in favour of more networking opportunities and talking about ‘hot topics’ for our sector, in particular for the tertiary sector where securing our place and relevance and coping with change are important. I’m also passionate about information literacy and supporting student success so would hope that the conference supports that too in some capacity. I attended the conference last year and hope the resonance of ‘We are LIANZA’ would continue as well.


​Aaron Wanoa, National Library of New Zealand

I enjoy collaboration and project co-ordination. The conference is exciting and a good professional development opportunity. I am skilled at monitoring expenditure, communicating budget issues and have a good understanding of finance audit requirements and systems. I work consistently with suppliers, invoices and contracts. My skill set fits in the ‘doing’, the organizing, making sure things are done.I am experienced with project work and organizing workshops (i.e. rooms, catering, and travel). I love to get things right and my attention to detail is second to none. I am skilled at monitoring expenditure, communicating budget issues and have a good understanding of Finance audit requirements and systems. I work consistently with suppliers, invoices and contracts. My skill set fits in the ‘doing’, the organizing, making sure things are done.


​Heather McCaskill, Upper Hutt City Libraries

I have worked in public libraries for seven years and I am currently an outreach librarian at Upper Hutt Libraries. ​The LIANZA 2021 conference will ideally attract a broad range of professionals from across the sector and provide them with opportunities for networking as well as interesting and relevant content that will give them ideas and tools that they can take back to their organisations and share with colleagues. This is a time when LIANZA can shine, raising awareness in the important role they play in the sector and how active members can help shape the direction of LIANZA and the sector.


Brigid Brammer, Wellington City Libraries

​I have previously participated in the programme committee for the LIANZA 2013 Conference in Wellington when Rachel Esson was Programme Coordinator. I convened the first LIANZA Te Upoko te Ika a Maui regional weekend school in Wellington at Massey University and had overview of the LIANZA Te Upoko te ika a Maui weekend school at Masterton in 2018. I am particularly interested in the LIANZA 2021 conference as it is an opportunity to strengthen connections between LIANZA regional and special interest groups, and build on relationships with PLNZ and Te Rōpu Whakahau. I believe our theme can focus on the best of each of these groups asking them to contribute as groups highlighting research or a focus that is special to each of them. It would be an extension of the “we are one” idea but with a group focus. It would show that this is what LIANZA does; it brings us together to share and learn.


Kay Morfett, Rolleston School Library

​I am the librarian at Rolleston School and I also work as a library assistant for the Selwyn Libraries covering 4 of our local centres. I have worked within the library industry for 10 years in the UK, Australia and in Aotearoa. My previous background was in Management and Training for Customer Service and Call Centres. I am able to bring a different outlook, a fresh set of ideas and a wide sector of experience to the committee, not only as a leader of a school library but also as a co-worker in a variety of wider community settings. I am a good listener, a great trainer/teacher and I am incredibly passionate about the work and the difference every single library makes. I think our school library shows any visitor how different a library can be and how excited children can get about one single space! I believe the greatest need for libraries at this time is awareness, especially with the recent negative media on school libraries; awareness of what we offer in all libraries, what the community needs us to be there for, why whanau want our services, the difference libraries, books and the technology and knowledge we offer matters. Education for library staff that you do matter and providing a long term form of support, an ongoing forum for ideas and giving the chance to showcase any library, no matter how small.


Our sponsors and exhibitors are at the heart of the LIANZA conference. Our sponsorship and exhibition prospectus will be available in early 2021.

If you have any queries around sponsorship options please contact LIANZA Executive Director, Ana Pickering (