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Esther Glen Past Winners Recipients

Past recipients of Esther Glen Past Winners:

Date Recipient
2014 Joy Cowley: Dunger
2013 Rachael King: Red Rocks
2012 Barbara Else The Travelling Restaurant
2011 Diana Menefy The Shadow of the Boyd
2010 Richard Newsome The Billionaire's Curse
2009 Fleur Beale Juno of Taris  
2008 Mandy Hager Smashed 
2007  Bernard Beckett Genesis 
2006 Elizabeth Knox Dreamhunter
2005 Bernard Beckett Malcom and Juliet
2004 Ken Catran Jacko Moran, sniper
2003 David Hill Right where it hurts
2002 Alison Robertson Knocked for Six
2001 Margaret Mahy 24 hours
1998 David Hill Fat, Four-eyed and Useless
1997 Kate de Goldi Sanctuary
1996 Janice Marriott Crossroads
1995 Maurice Gee The fat man
1994 Paula Boock Sasscat to win
1993 Margaret Mahy Underrunners
1992 Tessa Duder Alessandra: Alex in Rome
1991 William Taylor Agnes the sheep
1990 Tessa Duder Alex in winter
1989 Jack Lazenby The mangrove summer
1988 Tessa Duder Alex
1986 Maurice Gee Motherstone
1985 Margaret Mahy The changeover
1984 Caroline MacDonald Elephant rock
1983 Margaret Mahy The haunting
1982 Katherine O'Brien The year of the Yelvertons
1979 Joan de Hamel Take the long path
1978 Rhonda and David Armitage The lighthouse keeper's lunch
1975 Eve Sutton and Lynley Dodd My cat likes to hide in boxes
1973 Margaret Mahy The first Margaret Mahy storybook
1970 Margaret Mahy A lion in the meadow
1964 Lesley C Powell Turi, the story of a little boy
1959 Maurice N. Duggan Tom and the Water Boy.  
1950 Joan Smith The adventure of Nimble, Rumble and tumble
1947 Alexander W. Reed Myths and legends of Mäoriland
1945 Stella M. Morice The book of Wiremu

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