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Digital NZ Webinar Series

We're really excited to be working with the team at Digital NZ to provide a three-part webinar series. See below for more details, including dates and times. 

1.       Search tips and digital stories on DigitalNZ
Presenter: Thomasin Sleigh
12pm, Thursday 9 August

Is your library regularly fielding homework queries from students? is a fantastic website for students and first-time researchers as it provides easy keyword access to over 300 digital collections from across Aotearoa, including images, theses, video, audio, newspapers, and archives.

This webinar will provide a general overview of DigitalNZ. We’ll cover how the site works, what you can find there, and tips and tricks for refining your search. We’ll also cover “stories”, which are DigitalNZ’s fun tool for collecting together your favourite items, writing something about them, and sharing your creation with the world. “Stories” are a great tool for writing school assignments and encouraging digital literacy, as students can keep their writing right alongside fantastic resources from trusted organisations.

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2.       Introduction to DigitalNZ’s Application Programming Interface
Presenter: Dan Charles
12pm, Wednesday 12 September

This webinar will provide an introduction to DigitalNZ’s Application Programming Interface (API). Though it may sound intimidating, the API is a simple data service that gives you access to the millions of metadata records that DigitalNZ brings together from organisations across Aotearoa. The webinar will cover: What is an API? And how does it work? Who is using DigitalNZ’s API and what are they doing with it? We’ll also share some ideas we have for the potential future use of this data.

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3.       Copyright for digital GLAM collections
Presenter: Thomasin Sleigh

2pm, Wednesday 17 October 

Does your library have a special or archival collection that you are thinking about digitising? Copyright for digital cultural heritage collections is tricky, but the rewards for getting it right are great. DigitalNZ has been a strong proponent of clear, consistent, and “open” rights statements since the team’s establishment in 2008. This webinar will talk through the case studies of several online heritage collections, both in Aotearoa and abroad, to uncover some common problems, solutions, and best practice. How does Creative Commons work? When does a photograph fall out of copyright? What does “no known copyright” really mean?

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