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Programming Specialists, Turanga (Central Library)

As a Programming Specialist you will develop and deliver learning activities for a wide cross-section of the community.

Aeneid to Bromeliad

The Friends of the Dorothy Neal White Collection are hosting a talk by Dr Geoff Miles of Victoria University.  In Aeneid to Bromeliad Dr Miles will look at Terry Pratchett’s Nomes trilogy as comic epic – and also explore how Pratchett is responding, quite seriously, to s

NZLIMJ Archive

Wecome to the current NZLIMJ archives that are available for your downloading pleasure.

We are constantly updating this collection, so if you need a hand finding a specific issue email us and we'll find it for you!

Anton Angelo and Peter Lund - An evolving business model for scholarly publishing: exploring the payment of article processing charges (APCs) to achieve open access

Anton Angelo and Peter Lund present their paper on a new business model for promoting open access for research papers and journals

Jean-Francois Desvignes-Hicks - Collaborative workflows for information services for higher education and research organisation

Jean-Francois Desvignes-Hicks conducts a presentation at the 2014 LIANZA conference on improving access and searchability of published research papers.

Claire Stent and Michael Berry - Enabling communities through the use of open data

Claire Stent and Michael Berry conduct their workshop at the 2014 LIANZA conference on teaching communities how to use open access data.

In October 2014, many people took the time to respond to the LIANZA biculturalism survey. There were a wide range of opinions and responses around the issues relating to biculturalism in New Zealand libraries.

NZ Library and Information Management Journal (NZLIMJ) Vol 52, No. 2 April 2011

The contents of the April 2011 issue (Vol. 52, no.2) of the NZLIMJ are as follows:

Guest Introduction. Gary Gorman

Editorial. Alison Fields

Charges for Borrowing: Public Library Members' Reactions to the Prospect of Paying for all Adult Items. PEER REVIEWED. Penny Guy.

Diary of a Library Aid Wroker, November 2010. Jill Best

New Zealand Libraries Vol 49. No. 10 March 2004 (Now NZLIMJ)

New Zealand Libraries Ngā Pūrongo - The Journal for Library and Information Management (now know as The New Zealand Library and Information Management Journal (NZLIMJ), published March 2004. This issue includes:


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