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Professional development

Presentations from CatSIG's Professional Development Day Now Available

CatSIG held a professional development day for cataloguers on the 16th October 2016.

Recording of Kevin Ford's talk at the National Library now available

CatSIG and the National Library of New Zealand hosted Kevin Ford, Senior Consultant at AVPreserve, on Monday 15th February 2016, where he delivered a reprise of his keynote from VALA16 entitled “There's An Ambiguous Road Sign that Reads 'bibframe'*

New Self-Guided Curriculum for Digitization

Through the Public Library Partnerships Project (PLPP), DPLA has been working with existing DPLA Service Hubs to provide digital skills training for public librarians and connect them sustainably with state and regional resources for digitizing, describing, and exhibiting their cultural heritage content.

Online Social Media Course with Hootsuite (and it's free...)

Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing now—with six free online courses

Waikato Bay of Plenty Professional Registration Group

We are hoping to be a group that will get together in person about two to three times a year but use the groups page to keep in touch, maybe share articles, blogs, readings or thoughts on events or notifying about professional development activities in the region.

Please contact Jenny McIvor or Kathryn Parsons for more information.

Introduction to Library Management

An Infopeople online course, beginning  10 March – 6 April 2015

Have you recently moved to a management position or are you considering a career path in library management? Do you want to determine your potential or improve your ability to be a successful manager? How strong are your management skills and what can you do to strengthen them or acquire additional skills?

During this course, which is targeted at first time managers and supervisors, you will learn:

5 Minutes On personal resilience through the change process

Change is now ubiquitous in the library sector – technology, legislation, society structure, customer demographics, company demands are all changing at a pace that mean change has become a constant. 

However, that doesn’t make it any easier to manage or navigate. 

So how do you manage change well?

Sponsored by Nielsen Book Services

5 Minutes On Searching

Nielsen and LIANZA present a 5 Minutes On presentation on Searching.

Portfolio Power

In my ever hopeful quest to break into the competitive and tightly held world of the teacher librarian, I have been doing a lot of reading about the most successful ways in which to market oneself as a job seeker. Recently I read a quote, from Randy Nelson (Dean at Pixar University) who spoke about “...the proof of a portfolio versus the promise of a resume...”

 In light of this quote, I’m sharing my thoughts and tips about creating an online portfolio, and encouraging you, the reader, to reflect on your portfolio, or lack thereof, and how it compares to your resume.

Looking past your nose: Ghosts of past, present and future

You may be getting a bit sick of all this navel gazing. I am normally very pragmatic and you are probably looking for more practical tips. However at the moment, in my professional life, I am reflecting on the past, the present and the future.


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