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Programming Specialists, Turanga (Central Library)

As a Programming Specialist you will develop and deliver learning activities for a wide cross-section of the community.

Hemi Rukuwai Jury - Workshop: “Mā Wai Rā E Taurima Te Marae I Waho Nei?” “Who Will Tend The Marae?”

The tūrangawaewae of many whānau, hapū and iwi are based around their marae. With the advancement of time, Māori are now asking "who is there to tend the marae?‟ Much Māori historical information is held within information institutions around the world. Whānau, hapū and iwi are going through processes to maintain, sustain and transform marae into repositories for the future. The transformation of these marae into whare taonga provides institutions with the opportunity to gain new and evolving information.

Pene Walsh - Gisborne photo news

Covering the digitisation of the Gisborne Photo News - this was a presentation given by Pene Walsh at the 2014 Waikato Bay of Plenty weekend school

Tim Sherratt - From Portal To Platform – Building New Frameworks For User Engagement

This paper was presented by Tim Sherratt at the 2013 LIANZA Conference

Elaine Sides - Creating Collections - A Reactive Or Proactive Approach?

This paper was presented by Elaine Sides at the 2013 LIANZA conference.

Documentary Heritage SIG

Kia ora and welcome to the Documentary Heritage SIG’s page.  Formerly known as the Preservation SIG, we repurposed our SIG in 2016 becoming the Documentary Heritage SIG.

Documentary heritage is created in many formats from traditional paper based documents, electronic media, photographic images to digital media. For us, the importance of documentary heritages lies in the information contained rather than in the medium or object.

Repositories Of Röpü Tuku Iho: A Contribution To The Survival Of Māori As A People

In providing a Mäori version for the title of my address, the printed programme uses part of a whakataukï2 (a proverb) the whole of which is often expressed as follows:

Hokia ki ngä maunga, kia purea koe e ngä hau o Täwhirimatea.

An English rendition is
Return to the mountains to be refreshed by the winds of Täwhirimatea

where Täwhirimatea is the personification of wind and other atmospheric conditions.

BOK Cluster 5: Understanding Management in Information Organisations


Which BoKs relate to Cluster 5?

BoK 6

  • Understanding the nature, methodology and practice of research.
  • Evaluating the quality and relevance of research.
  • Undertaking research by gathering and analysing data and applying the findings to your usual professional practice.

BoK 9

Collection Management in the Digital Age: Developing a Collection Management and Development Policy

This self paced online course by LIANZA is the second in the Collection Management series. This module describes the framework and rationale for developing a Collection Management and Development Policy, providing you with the tools to actually get a policy written, and some tips about the implementation phase.

BibFrame - The Bibliographic Framework Initiative

BibFrame is a initiative started by the Library of Congress to serve as a foundation for future bibliographic description. This links to a variety of resources for understanding and implementing BibFrame including links to the original Library of Congress resources.


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