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Communication is More than Words: An Infopeople Online Course

An Infopeople online course, beginning 26 August  – 22 September 2014

Is everyone talking and no one listening? Are you afraid to speak up because your idea may get shot down? Communicating is the foundation of almost every human interaction, and it’s more than simply choosing the right words. In this course experienced instructor Cheryl Gould will help you understand how we communicate in every situation, including…

Episode 15: Kathryn Greenhill and Ruth Baxter

Corin Haines chats with Kathryn Greenhill about professional communication and what we as a profession do and what we need to do.  Ruth Baxter attempts to interpret Kathryn's answers and reframe them in a non managerial speak.

Episode 1: Jenica Rogers - Staff Development, Communication and Social Media

Corin Haines and Jenica Rogers talk about staff development and the challenges of balancing the needs of seasoned staff and new recruits. Then chat about the hierarchical nature of libraries and how this can be an enabler or a hindrance to staff development. Next we spend some time talking about communication within the profession and how we interact with each other, exchange ideas and find information. Core skills come under the spotlight before we talk briefly about social media and the role this has played in the development of librarians and how we operate.

Episode 16: Joe Murphy - VALA Keynote 2014 and The Future of Libraries

Corin Haines chats with Joe Murphy about the VALA keynote and the future for libraries and library vendors.

Joe is a Technology Analyst/Trend Spotter and Librarian. Joe specialises in synthesising technology changes for the library industry through consulting, as a keynote speaker focusing on the impacts of the most current trends in technology, and as an author and editor. 

Episode 3: Sue Roberts - Leadership in Change, Learning Cultures, Advocacy and Innovation

Corin Haines speaks with Sue Roberts about leading through change, leading a learning culture, advocacy, innovation and risk taking.

Sue Roberts is Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian of Victoria in Australia. Sue is an experienced strategic leader, having worked in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Prior to her role in Melbourne she was University Librarian at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and served as Chair of the Council of New Zealand University Librarians and Director of the Library Consortium of New Zealand.

What's on the Horizon?

A series of 5-10 minute teasers on a variety of future possibilities for libraries...


Personal Development

From time to time LIANZA will arrange and run personal development courses although our main focus is on professional development to support the Bodies of Knowledge.

Examples of the types of personal development courses we might offer are:


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