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Submissions To LIANZA On Professional Registration Discussion Document 2006

The following content reflects submissions made to LIANZA in response to the Discussion Document released by the Taskforce on Professional Registration in September of 2005. Responses appear in no particular order, as responses were individual, from groups of individuals, or made by groups associated with a particular organisation. Permissions to publish were requested. Only those submissions for which permission was granted appear in this document.

Workplace problem solving

Offered by latitude this is a free one and a half hour self-paced course that teaches you several techniques of work-place problem solving.

InfoPeople: Igniting Innovation: Practical Skills for Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Infopeople offer this course to help abstract thinking periodically so check out their website for the next date.  This group offer some great webinars so you might find some other great stuff on their website.

Online EU Training

While these free tips have been developed to assist people to pass the EU Career exam, they will help you with your abstract reasoning and logic skills.

VUW: Phil 123 Critical Thinking

A twelve week course offered through Victoria University this will enhance your critical thinking skills.

InfoPeople: Absolutely FREE (and practically unknown) Online Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed – An Overview

This webinar has been and gone but the speaker handouts are available and the tools she talks about may surprise you.  Help yourself with time management tools and some social media tips and tricks.

Increase your Productivity - Time and Priority Management

A two day face to face course to assist you with time management - $2,300.  Location and dates vary so check out the website.

Avoid Information Overload and Be More Productive

Free online tips on how to manage the sheer volume of information coming at you every day!

Stress Management Resources

Free tools to assist you in identifying and managing stress.


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