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Call for abstracts for the Te Awamutu Weekend Library School

We need more speakers for the Te Awamutu weekend library school. We want to hear from you if you have been doing research and have some interesting findings, or fun and exciting programmes or innovating projects that have had a real impact on your library. Then we want you!

Help! I need a Mentor!

Well hello there! So, you're ready to apply for Professional Registration. Let's find you a mentor! 

We have a whole group of talented professionals who will guide you through the process of gaining your Registration.

Sylvia Thompson - Auckland Libraries Mentoring Scheme

Sylvia Thompson presents her paper to the LIANZA 2014 conference in Auckland on the results of a new mentoring scheme.

It was apparent that there was a huge wealth of skill, knowledge, expertise and experience residing in staff at Auckland Libraries. We wanted to tap into these in order to support and develop our staff and, by so doing, to benefit customers. I had had previous experience in using mentoring programmes and so had some idea of what we would need. I did need to do some research though and I will explain more on this shortly.

Interested in Mentoring?

We are always looking to increase our pool of Mentors for the LIANZA Professional Registration Scheme!

Abigail Willemse - Are You My Mentor? Identifying And Cultivating Mentoring Relationships

This paper was presented by Abigail Willemse at the 2013 LIANZA Conference.

The Future Skills Working Group

The Future Skills work could not have been delivered without the hard work and dedication of the following people:

Episode 1: Jenica Rogers - Staff Development, Communication and Social Media

Corin Haines and Jenica Rogers talk about staff development and the challenges of balancing the needs of seasoned staff and new recruits. Then chat about the hierarchical nature of libraries and how this can be an enabler or a hindrance to staff development. Next we spend some time talking about communication within the profession and how we interact with each other, exchange ideas and find information. Core skills come under the spotlight before we talk briefly about social media and the role this has played in the development of librarians and how we operate.

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