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We had a great time at Shout! Karanga Rā! 2015.

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Professional Registration Research Project

An investigation in the reasons for interest into applying for professional registration.

Discussion Document: Professional Future For The New Zealand Library And Information Profession

The National Council of the Library & Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) established the Taskforce on Professional Registration in December 2004. Its brief was to investigate the registration of New Zealand librarians and other information professionals and the associated accreditation of their training and professional practice; and make recommendations suitable for the New Zealand environment. The key recommendations proposed are:

  1. The establishment of a registration scheme for librarians and other information professionals.

Submissions To LIANZA On Professional Registration Discussion Document 2006

The following content reflects submissions made to LIANZA in response to the Discussion Document released by the Taskforce on Professional Registration in September of 2005. Responses appear in no particular order, as responses were individual, from groups of individuals, or made by groups associated with a particular organisation. Permissions to publish were requested. Only those submissions for which permission was granted appear in this document.

Cath Sheard - Lightning: Bok-Bok-BOKing In The Garden Of Re-registration - Transforming The Process One Peck At A Time

I am Professionally Registered, have revalidated once, and am halfway through the second revalidation period. I believe it is important people enjoy the process and not see it as "one more task‟. When I received my new RLIANZA in 2010 comments from the Board included “Both assessors thoroughly enjoyed your journal” and “Such enthusiasm, desire to learn, share, improve, tailored by an understanding of her personal boundaries – needs bottling and selling!”. This feedback made me think others might benefit from some tips.

LIANZA Communities

LIANZA currently has over 15 active member groups based on specific geographical regions and shared interests in particular aspects of library and information management.

Our groups

Life is busy, and we all know it. Once you factor in work, time spent with family, and then your own personal "me" time, there's not a lot left over.

If you're passionate about being part of your community, it's worth putting a little time aside to join some of our LIANZA Groups.

Episode 15: Kathryn Greenhill and Ruth Baxter

Corin Haines chats with Kathryn Greenhill about professional communication and what we as a profession do and what we need to do.  Ruth Baxter attempts to interpret Kathryn's answers and reframe them in a non managerial speak.

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