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Joanne Graves - Beyond Valentine's Day: The romance novel in the evolving world of publishing

Joanne Graves presents her paper to the LIANZA 2014 conference in Auckland on how and why librarians should assist romance readers.

Media Tips For Dealing With Radio And TV Interviews

As part of LIANZA’S Strategic Plan, in the area of advocacy, 4 Councillors attended a half day media training session in December 2011. 

This document outlines the combined feedback on the key things they learned, including:

  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Reporters and reaching your audience
  • Techniques
  • General
  • Responding to Media Enquiries

LIANZA Communications Plan

The LIANZA Council has developed this Communications Plan which provides principles and policies for how the Association communicates issues of the day, deals with media enquiries and engages with members.

Guide To Meeting Procedure

Written by Lynley Aldridge, ALIANZA, RLIANZA, B.AppSci 
Access Librarian, CPIT, Christchurch -



Following the LIANZA Aoraki Branch AGM in 2013 it was noted there was no meeting procedure guide for branch chairs to follow.  While this guide has been created for LIANZA it is applicable to a variety of organisations.

Ada Nally: Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood?

Ada Nally presents her paper to the 2009 LIANZA conference on community engagement in libraries.

Brenda Chawner: Talking To The World

Brenda Chawner presents her paper to the 2009 LIANZA conference on marketing and communications using social media.

Moira Fraser: Leading From The Edge Of The World: Contributing To The Community Of Parliamentary Libraries And Research Services

Moira Fraser presents her paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on an international network of libraries.

Building an (international) network

  • Establishing yourself
  • Learning from others
  • Contributing

Why have an (international) network

  • Links to other parliamentary libraries
  • Current value to Parliamentary Library

Growing the usefulness of your network

  • Contributing to democracy
  • Supporting global library development

Alison Fitzpatrick and Claire Scott: Does My Bottom Line Look Big In This?

Alison Fitzpatrick and Claire Scott present their paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on the economic value of customer satisfaction.

Allison Brown, Gillian Elliot and Kate Nixon: Getting Beyond The Roach Motel: How To Develop A Service That Our Clients May Not Realise They Need

Allison Brown, Gillian Elliot and Kate Nixon present their paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on new concepts in designing library intiatives.


What is advocacy? Is it appropriate?

Should librarians and information professionals be advocates within their roles?


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