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Keynote Address: Bill MacNaught

Video of Keynote Address by Bill Macnaught, presented at the LIANZA Conference 2013.

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5 Minutes on Time Management

LIANZA presents tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time



As jobs get busier and busier, knowing how to effectively manage your time can make an incredible difference to you in your role – assisting with stress levels, making sure you don’t forget key tasks and helping you keep on top of things. So here are a few tips on time management.


Tip 1:  Don’t multi-task!

5 Minutes on Project Management

Project Management can be an expansive subject, and it's difficult to know where to start. However, LIANZA presents an overview to do just that.



Project Management can be daunting – but with a few tips and tricks from us here at LIANZA, hopefully you’ll be on the way to keeping your project on track and within budget!


Tip 1: Plan your Project

5 Minutes on Budgeting for Project Managers

LIANZA presents a guide to budgeting effectively when managing a project.



Following on from the LIANZA ‘5 minutes on Project Management' training video, we thought we would also run through creating and implementing a budget when managing a project. These two training videos should go hand-in-hand, as you can’t manage a project without a sound budget, but you also can’t write a budget without knowing what your project entails and who is going to be involved!


First things first

5 Minutes on Building a Business Case

A business case is a robust argument for (or against) a specific idea or proposal that outlines all the reasons why something should occur, and what the costs of implementation will be for the organisation. LIANZA provides some tips and tricks for getting started.



Building a business case

5 Minutes on Effective Delegation

LIANZA presents a starting point on how to delegate work and outlines the most common missteps that new managers make.



Get the balance right
It can be really difficult to delegate effectively, especially for new managers. If you delegate too much you can end up abdicating responsibility and giving employees tasks they aren’t ready for, with decisions being made that don’t align with strategy.   Delegate too little and you can end up a frazzled micromanaging ball of stress with disengaged employees who aren’t accountable at all.

5 Minutes on Risk Management

LIANZA covers what risk management is, and why it's important to both you and libraries. TranscriptRisk ManagementRisk Management is so prevalent within society that Food Safety Plans are now RMP’s or risk management plans.

How to manage projects

It is a great learning resource for management of projects. This is a one hour video which helps you to manage your projects efficiently and effectively.

Start blogging online

Mike wallagher created a website to provide step-by-step tutorial to start a blog. If you are a new starter with blogging then it is a great learning source. Excellent customer service.

The Web Academy

The Web Academy is a great resource offering FREE online courses.  Taught by a live instructor just like a real classroom and running for four hours, these cover a variety of topics in web design.



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